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Blackout curtains – a cool window treatment for your home

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Blackout curtains are very useful in rooms where you need to block the light or control the amount of light. This is not their only advantage, as you will read below, and despite the name, the curtains can be in other colors than black which allows you to match them with the interior colors and combine functionality with visual appeal.

What are blackout curtains and how do they work?

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Blackout window treatment can be found in various types – curtains, shades, blinds, roman shades, honeycomb shades, roller shades, vertical shades, etc. Some people associate blackout curtains with war times. Nowadays these curtains are usually made from a very tightly woven fabric which blocks most of the light. The traditional curtain design features a liner and a dense fabric in various colors. You could either buy them or sew then by yourself if you feel skilled enough. There are many tutorials available to help you.

 The main advantages of blackout curtains

bedroom blackout curtains bdedroom decorating ideas

Blackout curtains will save you from excessive heat and light even without the sun directly shining on the glass. If you wanted to have a nap on a weekend or watch a movie, you don’t need to get irritated because your curtains or shades do not darken the room enough. Some blackout treatments would block up to 98% of the light which is perfect for bedrooms and home theaters. Noise blocking is another major advantage. These curtains will reduce the energy consumption as they are a good insulation from the cold during winter time and from the heat in summer time. Last but not least, using blackout curtains will prevent your furniture from fading.

black blackout curtains bedroom curtains ideas

 Blackout window treatment gives you light control

window curtains black blackout curtain bedroom curtains

 A combination between blackout blinds and dense curtains

what are blackout curtains window treatment

 Blackout blinds and curtains will block the street noise

Black blackout curtains gold glittering effect bedroom curtains

 Blackout bedroom curtains are perfect for day sleepers

dark blackout curtains bedroom curtains panel curtains

 Blackout blinds and drapery for the home theater

Home theater blackout blinds and curtains

 Blackout window treatments can be in various colors

green bedroom curtains blackout curtain bedroom light control

 A blackout curtain in a media room

Family room window curtains blackout window treatment

blackout curtains home theater design ideas

Contemporary home theater window blinds blackout blinds

blackout blinds living room window treatment

Living room window curtains blackout curtain

modern bedroom blackout curtain table lamps

Contemporary bedroom blackout blinds brown color

blackout curtains living room window treatment

blackout curtains colors designs bedroom curtains

blackout curtains bedroom decorating ideas

Blackout curtains bedroom curtains ideas

blackout blinds window blinds bedroom blinds ideas

Window curtains Blackout drapes chocolate brown color

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