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Bahama shutters ideas – beautiful tropical touch to the house exterior

bahama shutters modern house exterior design ideas

Many people ask whether Bahama shutters and Bermuda shutters are one and the same thing. Yes, they are. How Bahama shutters differ from standard exterior shutters? Basically, it is the installation – Bahama shutters are mounted above the window and the shutter is hinged at the top like an awning. The shutters are held open with telescopic arms mounted on the sides and the arms can be removed and adjusted easily to suit the needs of the users. We will show you a selection of Bahama shutters ideas which beautifully complement the house exterior.


Bahama shutters ideas – how to choose the right shutter material?


beach style exterior palm trees bahama shutters ideas

There are many and different Bahama shutters ideas which are installed and work beautifully with different styles of house exteriors as the shutters provide an attractive look and at the same time offer the benefit of shade, privacy and storm protection. Despite the architectural style, the shutters look absolutely great on seaside homes or beach houses.


bahama shutters ideas tropical house beach house ideas

Wood is the traditional material for exterior shutters and most of the Bahama shutters ideas in the gallery below feature wood. Wood shutters can have a wide variety of finishes or can be painted in a color which will work with the overall exterior design. Bahama shutters made of aluminum provide additional protection and security. They are quite durable and do not require a lot of maintenance and design wise the smooth surface can be painted in any color. Composite Bahama shutters offer endless design possibilities and the shutters may have an authentic wood look.


Bahama shutters ideas – where to install them?


bahama shutters ideas porch design fireplace outdoor furniture

It is difficult to say when Bahama shutters were first used. There is a theory that centuries ago they were used in Venice, Italy, to provide protection from the hot sun and the shutters proved so effective that they became used as a most effective type of sun shade and shelter. The shutters offer an additional benefit to the sun protection – they do not stop the breeze from outdoors which is especially important in warm climates. Look at the Bahama shutters ideas to see different ways how to use them. You can see them on windows, verandas, patios and cabanas.


louvered shutters bahama shutters design ideas house exterior

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