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Modern skylight blinds – a stylish sun protection inside the room

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Attic rooms become too hot in the summer due to the intensive sun light so the require a reasonable sun protection which will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Skylight blinds are a classic and functional solution that will be an ideal addition even to modern interior designs as they add to the decoration and the pleasant atmosphere in the room.


Skylight blinds provide functionality and flexibility


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Glass surfaces on facades and roofs are widely used in contemporary architecture, so an adequate sun protection is needed. Skylight blinds can be perfectly adapted to most mass produced window frames. The personal taste of the homeowner is also an important factor in the choice of sunscreen system for indoor use. The market offers many different options for skylight blinds – transparent, opaque, translucent, and, of course, there is an option to choose form a wide variety of colors. Color and texture are always a matter of taste but when choosing them, you need to make sure that they are suitable for the room and will work in harmony with the rest of the interior and with the color scheme of the room.


Skylight blinds installation ideas


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In order to secure the skylight blinds on the windows, there are several options available. The most popular way to install the blinds for skylight windows is to fix them with screws or clamps. There are easy-fix blinds which are mounted without drilling to the window frame. This is recommended for smaller windows, otherwise the blinds may be too heavy and the method will not work properly. The choice of material is of great significance not only for the good look but for the maintenance as well. It is best if you checked the advantages and disadvantages of the different options before ordering the blinds for your skylights.


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