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Window treatment ideas – The advantages of home window tint shades

home window tint shades residential tinting film ideas

A home with large windows looks airy, spacious, light and elegant and we all agree about that. The more natural light, the better. How to prevent the home from the heat loss in winter and heat in the summer, especially if you are not a fan of blocking your magnificent view with curtains, blinds or shades? We will show you the advantages of home window tint shades which is a clever solution and will help you solve the problem.


Types of home window tint shades


home window tint shades window tinting film

The process of window tinting is actually applying a film which is especially designed to shield the windows from sun light and UV light. There are different types of home window tint shades and they differ in quality, durability and reliability. The main types of residential window tinting are a dyed film, hybrid film, metalized film or ceramic film.

home window tint shades color options modern window treatment

The dyed film is a film, dyed depending on the buyer’s preferred color. Those are recommended for customers who seek for a higher level of privacy protection. The hybrid film combines the properties of metalized film and dyed film. Metalized films are manufactured from metal elements and they are very efficient in repelling and absorbing heat from UV rays. Ceramic films are the most advanced technology wise as they have excellent properties and light color which means that the film is almost invisible on your windows.


The advantages of home window tint shades


home window tint shades how tinted windows work

Many people opt for home window tint shades as they offer a great number of advantages. One of the greatest advantages is the increased energy saving, as the window tinting helps in minimizing heat and AC loss through windows. Tinted home windows are safer as the tint is a way of reinforcing the glass of the windows and the possibility for injuries and damage from broken glass is much less.

living room window treatment tinting film shades ideas

Tint films are ideal for the windows in areas where privacy is an issue – bedroom, bathroom, but you still want to keep the amount of light flow. There is home window tinting which gives a clear view to the outside, but blocks the view to the inside. Last but not least – window tilting can be an element of the decor of your home. The installation and the removal of the tint film is an easy process and whenever you feel like changing the look of your home, you can do it at a moderate cost.

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