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Shoji doors – Japanese style in the interior of the home


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The traditional design of the shoji doors features lightweight panels made from thin wooden lattice and pasted sheets handmade Japanese washi paper.

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Nowadays the Japanese style in the interior is becoming more and more popular and different elements are increasingly gaining immense popularity.

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It is not surprising at all that many people prefer shoji doors as they are easy to handle, moreover, they are very beautiful and graceful and provide a perfect flow between interior and exterior spaces or between different areas of the home.

Shoji doors – elegance and harmony in your home

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Shoji doors are perfect as exterior doors as well as interior doors. The elegance and the ease of use of the Japanese sliding doors is the reason why they are often used in modern interiors.

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Doors in Japanese style harmoniously fit into any interior – both in large living room as room dividers or in small rooms.

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Shoji doors are widely used to separate bedroom and bathroom or dressing room, living room and dining area or kitchen. Modern sliding Japanese doors are easily installed.

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Due to the fact that traditional doors do not provide complete sound insulation, modern interpretations feature wood and glass.

Shoji doors bring the Japanese minimalism in the interiors of modern homes

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The biggest advantage of shoji doors is, of course, the space saving. This is very important for small apartments or houses where every inch is precious.

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Japanese sliding doors are practical, comfortable and provide a long service. For everyone who loves the combination of luxury and simplicity, these doors will be the ideal option.

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Japanese doors porch floor pillows

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Asian style house home entry shoji door patio view

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