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GIMO is world-wide famous with its real, absolutely 100% Italian-made furniture.  It is one of the most respected furniture producers not only in Italy but also in Western Europe, North America and many other parts of the world. It represents the unique Italian style and creativity, as well as top-class quality. It is undeniable that GIMO is one of the best examples of mixture between tradition and modern innovativeness. It has beautiful, rich collections that have fascinated many designers around the world.

Italian-made furniture with a modern twist


But why is GIMO so special? To answer that question we must first answer “What is GIMO?” It is not a company, a distributor, or a reseller. It is actually a consortium of different independent companies, each with their own unique style and outstanding collections… The group of these 16 (to be exact) companies contribute to the richness of the Italian-made furniture production in GIMO. They are all situated mostly in the area of Florence and Pisa…They have decided to create a new joint brand and share their innovative ideas and creative solutions into creating something extraordinary – something really top-class Italian. Thanks to GIMO all of these 16 Italian companies have managed to really take over the foreign market and entice with the beauty and wonderfulness of the Italian furniture and décor.

Italian-made furniture – stylish and comfortableluxury-chandelier-brown-bedroom

This consortium’s strength comes from the talent and the passion of the professionals that work restlessly to create amazing Italian-made furniture. The beauty of every design comes from the inspiration of some of the most talented, and world-renowned designers.GIMO is the synonym of the best Italian furniture. It holds the traditions and the future of furniture and it will never seize to astonish and surprise us with its vast, beautiful and rich collection. It is a mixture of contemporary lines with traditional models and cultural elements, twisted in a fascinating classic way.

Classical furniture for the living room


Modern office furniture


All-white bedroom design


Classical design idea for the dining room


Great italian furniture for the bedroom


Round mirror as wall decoration


Walk-in-closet with sliding glas door


Comfortable dining room furniture by Gimo


Exclusive italian furniture and decoration


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