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One of the most respected interior design studios in Madrid is Luis Bustamante’s design studio. With its innovative solutions and luxury interior ideas, this studio has a lot to offer to its clients. This interior design studio has designed many spectacular projects for private clients. The interior it can create is a beautiful realm, an alternating reality of peace and comfort where one can find only the most pleasant atmosphere.

Luis Bustamante creates a world of beauty by incorporating the nature’s forms in combination with top quality materials and elegant, timeless elements that are both traditional and contemporary.

White contemporary living room design


Just like everything that has endured with greatness, the story of the studio is quite interesting itself. Luis Bustamante received his bachelor degree in one of the finest universities of fine art – University Complutense in Madrid. In the 80s he devoted himself to sculpture and painting creating a couple of successful exhibitions. In the 90s he decided to make a turn in his career and became an interior designer. He brought up with him high-qualified professionals in the field and settled the headquarters of the studio in Madrid. Very soon he became internationally renowned and completed many projects outside of Spain – both residential and commercial.


Luis Bustamante creates marvelous works due to his artistic passion. His wide knowledge of sculpture, paintings and culture help him through his experiments and allows him to design one of the most astonishing contemporary interiors. Everything is beautifully combined and mixed together, to create a wonderful warm atmosphere. Though, they look very chic and cozy, Bustamante’s designs are not as complex as they seem to be. Actually, they are very simple but not in a plain way. He uses top-quality materials and fabrics and combines them by his own special technique of creating a harmonic and beautiful environment with a traditional touch.


White luxury kitchen design with art decorations









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