Concrete House II – urban, ecological, and innovative


Concrete House II impresses you at once with its massiveness and grandness. On the other hand, the project reproduces the century connection between the surrounding natural environment with the human strategy for living – with the most contemporary improvements and advantages that technique can give us. The Concrete House II is urban, ecological, and innovative at the same time. It symbolizes the solidness and safety of a nice and convenient home place.

Concrete House II – main information


Concrete House II is designed by the architecture studio A-cero. The professional architects and designers, working for the popular Spanish studio, are presenting to us their latest work, devoted to the big and united families, who need a place to share their traditions, everyday life, and celebrations. This amazing contemporary architecture projected is located and realized in the outskirts of Madrid on a 5000 m2 plot. The house is constructed with a single floor, but the compensation comes with an enormous outdoor area, which is adapted to outdoor activities for kids, garden parties, garage stores, a swimming pool, and a home garden.

Concrete House II – the urban advance in the contemporary architecture


This contemporary house architecture is a total urban masterpiece in the world of the modern architecture. Its contemporary style and ecological indoor conception attracts the attention with the fusion of the both elements – the natural and the hand-made. As a matter of fact, the first thing that we are really impressed by looking at the Concrete House II architecture, is the sensation that this home place is hidden and surrounded by big concrete walls and organic vegetable ramps, which are extended up to the roof. The colors scheme of the house is also a double face that reminds of an enormous, but kind monster. The walls, the flooring, and the roof are died in dark grey nuances. They are contrasted with the rich green vegetation and some of the vanguard indoor decors.

contemporary concrete house architecture by A-cero


On the other hand, going outside the Concrete House II building and facing its facade, you will notice the brightest side of the house. The enormous and wide windows are installed in order to provide the beautiful view inside the house – with its original furniture design ideas, the eccentric accents in the decoration, and the spaciousness of each room. The back front of the Concrete House is also, welcoming and cozy. Being inside the house you will enjoy the view of the incredible garden. Here is where the living room, the dining room, the bedrooms, and the study are situated.

A-cero original dining room design


In short, the conception behind the Concrete House II mixes the urban plainness of the concrete walls and the natural beauty of the green plants and trees outside the house. This idea is emphasized with the big windows that look like TV screens, which reflects the outdoor and the indoor reality of the home place. The accents of the Concrete House II are stressed with simple illumination settings and with the emptiness of the patios.

Concrete House II – interior design


The interior design ideas in the premises of the Concrete House II are subjected to several simple rules. First of all, there is no a room in the house, which can be determined as overcrowded or overdone with useless decors. The rooms are welcoming and comfortable for their spaciousness and expanse. Add to this the convenient furniture, and you will get the desired domestic warmness, which is so typical for big families.

extraordinary kitchen cabinets by A-cero


The grey color scheme with some black, silver or white accents is extended in the interior design of the Concrete House II, as well. The elegant sleek shapes are contrasted with powerful illuminating systems and golden motives in the decors. The main decors in the house are some artistic paintings on the walls and the Persian carpets on the floor.


spacious living room with luxury furniture


floating stairs in an innovative interior design


luxurious black and white bedroom design


black and white bathroom design by A-cero


unusual shiny coffee table set


amazing light installation of a staircase


amazing home cinema design


exclusive garage area by A-cero in The concrete house


Concrete house II – ground floor plan


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