Office chair mat – creative floor protection ideas

Office chair mat for hardwood floor polycarbonate vs vinyl

Office chair mats are widely used in offices to protect the floor under the chairs from scratches and wearing. There are two basic types of chair mats – for floors with a smooth surface – parquet, laminate, or tiles and for floors covered with carpet. Protective mats under the office chairs are cheap and will save your money on additional repairs.

Advantages of office chair mats

traditional pvc floor mat office chair

Floor covering most often “suffer” from the wheels of office chairs. The ideal solution is a protective mat under the computer chair, which have the some indisputable advantages– reliability, functionality, and creative design. Office chair mats are durable, resistant to various injuries and in addition, they are not susceptible to cracks and creases.

Vinyl office chair mats – an invisible floor protection

floor protection ideas office chair mat designs

The use of office chair mats increases the lifetime of wood flooring and gives a quiet and flat running for swivel chairs. Vinyl chair mats come in three basic types – with grippers for carpeted floors. These are usually tongue or rectangular shaped mats with grippers. Chair mats without grippers are ideal for hard flooring surfaces

How to choose the best office chair mat?

wooden floor mats for office chairs colors

There are different types of office chair mats depending on the material. The most popular and traditional material is PVC which is translucent and allows the flooring underneath the mat to show through. You can opt for polycarbonate chair mats which are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional PVC.

Office chair mats materials designs properties

Office chair mats made of wood will add ambiance to any office. Manufactured with a heavy-duty laminate surface, the mats are resistant to stains, scratches, burns, and marks. The big variety of colors allows an easy fit into the office environment. Bamboo chair mats are not only eco-friendly, but combine elegance with functionality.

Decorative office chair mats

Original office chair mat zebra pattern

There are creative and original designs which will add an individual touch to your office design. You can choose from various shapes of the chair mats as well as various surface patterns.

 PVC chair mats are cost effective

 transparent chair mat for workstation shapes

 Floor mats for office chairs are suitable for the home office too

 PVC office chair floor mat home office ideas

 Floor mats are convenient for individual work stations

office chair mats ideas colors advantages

 Office chair mats are durable and resistant to various injuries

office chair mat for hard floors ideas

Chair mats increase the lifetime of wood and carpet flooring

modern office chair mats for carpet advantages

The mats under the office chairs will save your money on floor repairs

modern office chair mats bamboo wood material

Office chair mats made of wood add ambiance to any office

modern office chair mat floor protection

The different types of mats are suitable for different flooring

modern home office chair mat ideas carpet floor

Chair mats are eco-friendly, but combine elegance with functionality

how to choose office chair mat

Decorative mats will add an individual touch to your office design

 decorative chair mat floral motif office ideas

Vinyl or polycarbonate chair mats?

contemporary office ideas chair mats translucent

Chair mats are easy to use and replace

chair mats for carpet floor office chairs ideas

You can choose from various colors and shapes

Black chair mat white desk modern office design

Transparent, solid or in contrast color – the mats will add to the decor of the office

Black chair mats red chair modern office furniture ideas


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