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Using an autumn colour scheme in furnishing a living-room


Modern living room furnishing

As autumn sets in, the colour scheme slowly changes towards warm, dark tones. If you wish you correlate your furnishing with the seasonal changes, a suitable room to rearrange is the living-room. The choice of nuances and patterns is rich. Ranging from bright yellow tones to various dark shades, the furnishing and decoration of the living-room can give the whole household a new look.Yellows shades are suitable for achieving cosiness and comfort. Bright and dark tones should be combined in the different interior elements, so the nature landscape would be presented accurately. Darker and paler hints are suitable for the living-room’s suite of furniture and carpet, while different colour scheme can be used for the decoration elements and the curtains.

Bright orange decoration


Bright orange decoration

Combining bright orange, flame red and ochre with olive green and dark tree shades enfolds a wholesome picturesque autumn landscape. At the same time, a sense of completeness is achieved in terms of colour range and a contrast between the separate nuances of the warm colour group is created. The hidden expressionism of the bright and melancholic combinations in the autumn colour scheme captures the eye and sense of art.

Living room furnishing


Living room furnishing

Suitable elements of this furnishing style are soft living-room furniture, thick curtains and carpets, which create a notion of warmth and calmness. Both dark, as well as light toned are suitable for the sofa, fauteuils and stools. The carpets often go with a combination of both. For the curtains, the colour diversity can be combined with a geometric variety of patterns and decoration motives.

Autumn colour scheme


Autumn colour scheme in living room

Decoration elements are also in unison with the autumn colour scheme. Still life, landscape pictures, as well as minimalistic sculptures and antiques, are common interior elements. Sometimes an air of nostalgia can be present, by choosing elements, which represent historic and traditional motives. This way the bi-polar feeling of aesthetics and nostalgia, characteristic of the autumn season, becomes stronger.

Wooden furniture


Wooden furniture in living room

Natural elements are most frequently used for the separate interior elements. Wooden furniture, textile carpets and suite of furniture can be both beautiful and comfortable. Decoration elements are crafted from materials such as porcelain, marble, clay and cloth. Nature motives, such as flower pots, fruit bowls and vases with dried flowers complement the authenticity of the autumn picture. The right choice of interior elements and decorations establishes a harmonious atmosphere in the confines of the living-room.

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