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Turn on the lights in the living room


Contemporary minimalist living room lighting

According to the most famous and cognizant interior designers in the world, lighting is one of the most important key element in a room. Finding the most appropriate and adequate for the premises at home illumination means you have already achieved the half of the perfect interior design. Today, we would like to help you achieve the same goal by giving you some tips for the lighting set in the living room – so, ladies and gentlemen, turn on the lights and get ready for the lessons.

Elegant lighting living room


Elegant lighting white interior living room

Firstly, make sure you will receive enough natural light in your living room. Artificial illuminations are never enough to make our day sunny and bright – and the day always starts and ends in among the interior design in our home living room. Big and wide windows in the living room will bring inside your home all the freedom you feel leaked of in the office or in the crowded public transports. If you a curtains lover, get some curtains made from transparent cloth, which are friendly with the daylight.

Stylish living room chandeliers


Stylish living room chandeliers

Combine the lamps in your home living room with the design style you have chosen for the room. The minimalistic living room with stylish furniture and neutral colors will suit to an eccentric lamp in a irregular weird form or in three bright colors such as green, red and orange. Classic Victorian or Baroque living rooms need a sumptuous chandelier with crystal ornaments, gold motives and an absolute shine – even when the lights are turned off.

Minimalist lighting living room


Minimalist lighting living room interior

As we already told you, the living room is one of the most inhabited rooms in the whole house or flat. That is why usually we do lots of activities here – connected with our work, our hobbies, household or just the things we do when we need rest and relaxation. That is why the main lamp or chandelier on the ceiling will not be enough for the living room illumination.

Minimalist living room


Simple white and shiny minimalist living room

Put a stylish reading lamp next to the sofa or on the mini glass table, where you usually leave the cup of tea and the latest novel in the afternoon hours. Install some lights on the floor, too – for some more attractive interior design and for the light in your daily routines, which, we all can admit that are mostly boring and killing.

Modern living area interior


Modern living area interior

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