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The living-room – the core of the home


Minimalist living room in black and white

The living room is the mirror of our home – the room, where we invite our guests. That’s why its interior formation is of first hand importance. What impressions will we make with the choice of furniture, arrangement and colours? It is most important that we create a feeling of cosiness and hospitality. Therefore, the arrangement shouldn’t be strictly geometric, or the furniture  too wide and dark in colour. Light tones are the best choice for the walls.


Modern living room with minimalist furniture

The first things, which capture the eye upon entering the room, are the floor, the walls and the windows. Beech parquet is a traditionally preferred floor covering for the living room. The carpets in warm tones create a feeling of cosiness. Suitable colours for the walls are white, light green, light purple and sometimes light orange, according to the furnishing. Minimalism is a leading accent in the choice of furniture.

Modern living room sofa


Modern living room with grey sofa

According to the classic living room arrangement tendency, the cupboard should be situated far from the door, and the sofa – relatively close to it. This predisposes the guests to feel comfortable and at the same time the cupboard’s arrangement is not to be intrusive, since a difference in tastes for this notion can often be present. The television set should not be frontally placed to the table and the fauteuils shouldn’t be situated in the far corner, next to the sofa.

Shelves and sofa


Living room with shelves and sofa

The tendency for the suite of furniture is a single colour scheme of pastel tones. The sofa and fauteuils should be round on all sides and not too tall, so as to be comfortable for everyone. Wooden and narrower tables are often preferred for a living room. One of the first elements, capturing the eye, is furniture. The choice of designer furniture is a furnishing accent in its own right.There is great freedom of choice in terms of aesthetic formation. The wall, on the length of which the sofa is situated, is a suitable place for a large picturesque painting. The far corners of the room are a suitable place for flower stands. Lampions are in fashion. Two of them are usually placed in the two inside corners of the room. Special attention should be paid to the decorative elements on the shelves of the cupboard.

Living room with creative design


Minimalist living room with creative design

The living room should be furnished representatively and according to the contemporary interior ideas. The colour correlation between the suite of furniture and the cupboard is of specific importance. To make cleaning easier, the furniture elements should have longer legs. The cupboard should have round ends and should not be too tall. The rest is a matter of taste and creativity.

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