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The German style of living-room furnishing


Modern living room furniture in German style

The living room is a place, where we spend a great deal of our time at home. Hence, the decisions for its furnishing are of specific importance. The interior elements in the room should be selected and arranged carefully, so they will correspond to one another in terms of style and design. In order for a comfortable and cosy atmosphere to be established, the personal preferences should be the main concern when making the interior design decisions.Warm, dark tones are often chosen for the floor covering, as they soothe and relax us. Parquet in combination with a carpet is a popular option, which is both stylish and easy to maintain. Carpets are usually not too large or thick, so they won’t collect a lot of dust.The most commonly used type of wall covering is wall-papers. The choices of colours and decorative elements, and combining them, are numerous. Geometric accuracy is present. Artistic and creative figures and patterns are also used. There is often contrast between the background colour of the wall-paper and the decoration motives. Single colour wall-papers are usually in a pale tone.

German living room


German modular sofa in living room

The main motif to living room furnishing is comfort. Soft furniture is a centre element of the interior plan. The separate elements are usually either in a single colour, or in a large range of colours. The storage furniture shouldn’t be too big and shouldn’t take up too much space. Natural materials are a preferred option. Most frequently used are therefore the different kinds of wood and textile elements.

Living room


Living room with minimalist decorative elements and furniture

Decoration is the part of the interior composition with the biggest variety of elements and freedom of creativity. Landscape and still life paintings are classic elements, which give the interior composition specific tones. Having vases with flowers harmonizes and refreshes the atmosphere. Minimalistic decorative elements, such as porcelain figures and candle-sticks, add to make the interior plan more diverse.

Minimalist living room


Minimalist living room in german style

Practicality is the main concern of contemporary furnishing tendencies. Comfort is representative of the interior plan in its own right. Arrangement and style are of equal significance. A combination of geometric shapes and various colours is used to achieve correlation between the separate interior composition aspects. The correlation of practicality and aesthetics helps harmonize the atmosphere.

Modern living room


Modern furniture in living room

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