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2012 is coming, together with it, not the end of the world, but the new tendencies in the contemporary living room interior designs  . Do not worry – world is not going to end, and the ideas for a pleasant and cozy home are not going to end. They say the new contemporary next year is actually the most convenient and comfortable. Meanwhile, there are some big changes in the living room arrangement, furniture and decoration process. What will be the most shocking for some of you – maybe – is that the neutral nuances such as black, brown, white and silver in the living room – are replaces with some real bright colors.

Modern pink living room sofa


Modern pink living room sofa design

The designers are warning us that the new black in the living room of 2012 will be pink, purple and red. These colors will be seen in the furniture manufacture and in the most sold paints for the walls and the ceiling even. Flooring will be also covered with some screaming pink or cyclamen carpets. Lighting is also bright and well organized. The more lamps and chandelier are installed in the room, the more it will look like a living room of 2012.

Minimalist pink-white furnitures


Minimalist pink-white furnitures living area design

Yes, somehow, this new tendency for the choice of palette in the living room may be a little bit connected with all the myths about the end of the world – saying to you “Cheer up, it is not the end, it is the beginning – make it colorful and joyful with the magic of the color therapy!”. New ideas for furniture design in the living room are also connected to the comfortableness and compact arrangement of all pieces of furniture.

Minimalist pink living room


Minimalist pink living room design

Stylish sofas with the function of becoming bigger or smaller are going to spend you some vacant place for vanguard decoration elements and will calm you down when you will be visited by unexpected guests. The living room in 2012 will also introduce you some new ideas for compact cabinets, shelves and little decorative tables which we be perfectly combined to the main living table in the middle of the room. Some really substantial accent in the living room interior design in 2012 will be the flat TV sets. They are just coming in the global technology market and they are going to be a hit next year. So, the minimalism in the living room will be diversified with some high-tech elements.
Text by Abigail

Modern living room pink furnishing


Modern living room pink furnishing

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