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Living Room Interior Design by Feng Shui


Feng Shui living room

All people want to have good luck and financial success in your home. This directs them to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. The way the arrangement of furniture, using natural materials and proper disposal of the rooms are way prosperity will come in the house and not leaving her.Ideally the requirements of Feng Shui to be by design and construction of housing. The living room is the heart of the home. It gathers the whole family. Where people meet friends, eat, work.

Feng Shui curtains


Feng Shui curtains

These functions require daily to the center of the house. Good door and window are not against each other to not go faster Chi. If the windows are good against the door on them to put lace curtains. The curtains prevent the energy to go faster from home. On the door of the terrace is good to hang bells from bamboo. They sound interesting by the wind.It is important how are seats in the living room. Put one against the other sofas imported tension in the room. Good sofas and armchairs are arranged in a circle or square. It is appropriate and arranging angle. If seats are oriented TV compromising communication between people. Good sofas and armchairs are close to the wall. This creates a sense of security.

Living room furniture


Living room furniture in Feng Shui design

The central area of the room must be free of furniture. It is appropriate at the corners to have flowers. This will avoid the deadlock.The furniture in the living room must be of natural materials. Wood is the preferred material for furniture. Feng Shui does not accept tables with glass top, as it suggests instability. Valuable material is metal. It attracts success in the family, but should not overdo it. It is set to have objects of the elements water and earth. Tank or small decorative fountain is a symbol of water. Earth is represented by ceramic pots.

Living room mirrors


Living room mirrors

According to Feng Shui mirrors doubled the space and prosperity. In today’s interiors are often put a mirror over the fireplace. Reflected rays make the space lighter. Good natural lighting is an important requirement for living. Windows should not have heavy curtains.Compliance with the design philosophy of Feng Shui makes the room cozy and inviting.
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Natural light


Natural light in Feng Shui living area

Feng Shui living room


Feng Shui living room design

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