Living Room

Living room furniture by Minotti

Living space furniture designed by Minotti

 Minotti’s living room furniture is like a poetic notion that compliments every interior

Every living room needs suitable furniture that will seduce the owner with its comfort and beauty every night… That’s why Minotti’s furniture is like a poetic notion that compliments every interior. The gorgeous elements, thoughtfully implemented in the furniture pieces give a warm feeling for homely comfort, like no other. After thorough research and decades of experience the talented designers have created something truly astonishing.

Minotti’s furniture for the living fascinates experts from all over the world. It is a remarkable designer’s vision rooted in the artistic interior design and furnishing, complimenting every living environment. There isn’t anything like it. The incredibleness of the furniture doesn’t come only from its ultimate comfort, top quality and eye-catching look; it comes from the notion that it is everything one could dream of. It’s designed especially to suite fully the purpose of every client.

Living room furniture by Minotti

The company was founded in 1950 by Alberto Minotti. Because of its extremely original craftsmanship and unique designs, it has already become an enterprise for no longer than a decade. The company was overtaken by Roberto and Renato Minotti, who by the 1980s had made the company internationally renowned and respected. The two brothers have created extraordinary collections together. Their artistic notions and innovative techniques brought lots of fame to the company. Their furniture pieces have been acknowledged by many experts around the world. Today Minotti has a very strong identity on the market. Their gorgeous, traditional craftsmanship remains as a traditional element and make the furniture pieces more desirable even as art pieces. Minotti’s work system is based on experiments and old, traditional techniques which is a surprisingly great combination, which allows them to accomplish a true divinity. Minotti approaches each home and dynamic space differently which makes them even more unique and desired.

 Green comfortable Armchair perfect for the reading corner

Reading furniture for the living room

Living room furniture idea designed and made by Minotti

Living room furniture set Minotti

Living room furniture by Minotti

Contemporary sofa for the living room

Textile gray sofa – living area furniture idea

Gray living room sofa

White contemporary design sofa

Living area furniture - sofa by Minotti

Living room design with furniture by Minotti

Armchair, sofa, coffee table for the living room

Living room furniture produced by Minotti

Sectional sofa for the living room

Sofa by Minotti

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