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Living room decoration


Luxury living room decoration

The living room decoration is the most responsible task in the choice of home decoration. This is the place, where guests are welcomed. It’s the household’s visiting card. That’s why its decoration is an essential interior element, which speaks for the household masters’ aesthetic taste.

Living room with shelves


Modern living room with shelves

The most important condition is that the room is not overcrowded with various belongings. The appropriately chosen decoration captures the eye and is remembered. It’s best of the decoration objects are of one and the same style. If the home masters love journeys and have a collection of arts pieces, it can be exhibited in the living room. For this purpose, a special chest of drawers has to be manufactured or specific places, such as the sets of shelves or cupboard shelves can be thematically arranged. An innovative decision is to place them on the floor, where they will fit in with the rest of the furniture in a rather unique way.

Living room with painting


Minimalist living room with sofa and painting

Works of art, such as paintings, tapestries, or other wall decoration should be arranged in such a way, that it suits the rest of the furnishing in terms of style. Classic elements for this room are flower vases and a clock, often used as a centre piece. There is a great variety of decorative elements, but the goal should be originality. Valuable antique elements of this kind are an excellent addition to the decoration in the living room.

Curtains for living room


Luxury curtains for living room

Pendant light fittings can turn into an artistic part of the room’s decoration. LED systems can be built in the floor or ceiling, since they are extremely thin. Different forms can be chosen – square or circular. Some, or all of them, can vary in colour range by gradating into a rainbow pattern, making the place very attractive.Parts of the decoration are certain furnishing elements – cushions, drapes, ornaments on the curtains. They should be simplistic, preferably in one nuance, so that the colour chaos would be avoided.

Living room with minimalist interior


Luxury living room with minimalist interior

If the style in the room is minimalistic, with few decoration elements, relief wall decorations are a good option, which would attract the eyes upwards, making the place seem vast and majestic. A finishing element of this type of decoration would be a crystal chandelier.The carpet or a few small rugs can be used as decoration under or next to every piece of furniture – the living room table, the cupboard, the sofa. Decorative elements’ presence in the living room makes it an inspiring place for the household masters.

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