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Living Room Design in retro style is starting to find its way back into the household’s furnishing plan. The increasing interest and curiosity towards the older trends and furnishing configuration are what leads us to try and create an old fashioned atmosphere in our home. Living Room design ideas for furnishing in a retro style are numerous and the thought of spending the most active part of the day in these surroundings is intriguing.

Living room design ideas


Wooden retro  living room design idea

Wood is an appropriate material for living room design. Combining different types of wood with cloths and a suitable floor covering will give the interior a complete retro look. A natural wood floor covering is a memory of the past, which is quite practical and gives the whole room a pleasant outlook. Materials, such as stone, leather and wool, are good additions to the wooden furniture. Wooden panelling gives a cosy feeling and brings in an additional tone to the colour scheme. A floor covering of knitted carpet will make the living room design cosier.

Living room design idea


Living room design idea in retro style

The rocking chair is a piece of retro furnishing, which is successfully returning to the contemporary furnishing configuration. It offers ideal relaxation within the confines of the room. Retro accessories are of great importance in the living room design. High quality and well preserved details will give the rooms its own outlook. Elements like a record player, along with a stack of records, a coo-coo clock and a telephone with a number dial are not only interesting, but can also give new life to the possessions, stored in the attic.

Living Room Design Idea


Living Room Design Idea – For Modern Interior

Furniture with relief woodwork elements, furniture from wrought iron, stained glass and a musical box are all interesting living room design  . They will look nice next to a crystal mirror with a silver frame and a collection of tapestries. A vintage fireplace is a priceless idea, as it is reminiscent of childhood days gone-by for many of us. Decorative friezes and cornices on the ceiling are retro style elements, which bring a sense of elegance and class. Choosing this style of furnishing for the living room is a good decision, which requires a lot of knowledge and preparation, and a sense of aesthetics and arts. The efforts, put into this furnishing style, always give outstanding results.
Text by B. Angelov

Living Room Design Idea


Modern Living Room Design Idea

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