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Floor and Walls in the living room


Natural wood floor living room design

The living room is the room, where the household masters spend the most time in. It’s the place where they welcome guests, relax and communicate. The place should be convenient and pleasant. The floor and wall coverings help achieve the desired solitude, cosiness and comfort in the confines of the room. There are many options for floor coverings. Parquet is a traditional type of covering for the living room. Natural oak parquet keeps the warmth inside the place during the winter and the room an aesthetic and beautiful outlook, it does, however, require firm maintenance – lacquering and polishing, to preserve its flair.

Natural oak flooring design


Natural oak flooring design

That’s why the laminated parquet is an increasingly common option for floor covering. It is easy to maintain and is a good heat isolator, keeping the place warm in the cold winter days. There are various options for thickness and colour of a laminated parquet. Also common for a living room are terracotta and granite floor coverings. They are beautiful and very easy to maintain, but also have a downside – they make the floor very cold in the winter. There is great diversity of both terracotta tile and granite in terms of design. With the new tendencies coming into effect, marble is becoming a rare material to use for floor covering in the living room.

Minimalist living room design


Minimalist living room design

 In order to keep a good temperature and isolate the place from outside noises, cork can be used for floor covering and, if appropriate – for wall covering, as well. Cork also prevents mould formation, in the case that the living-room is on the corner side of the building, or if you have a separate house, where the room would be directly exposed to outside weather conditions. Wall covering materials also have a wide range to choose from. Wallpapers and latex paint are most common and very suitable, as are laminated planes, which can serve for veneering and isolating the walls in the room. Perfectly even walls can be achieved through edging the frontal part of the walls.

Suspended ceiling living room design


Geometric suspended ceiling living room design

The inner climate in the room can be kept steady by adding rock wool isolation, suspenden ceilings are more and more commonly used in the living room. They help establish a unique style to this rooms appeal. A significant upside of a suspended ceiling is the opportunity to place built-in lighting in it, since that way the light will be equally spread in the room, or will be directed towards a specific object or area. Plaster ornaments add to the room’s aesthetic outlook. The coverings should be easy to maintain, appropriately chosen to provide convenience and make a good impression.

Text by B. Angelov

Built-in lighting living room


Modern built-in lighting living room design

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