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Best Black and White living rooms ever


Black and white living room

It is true that minimalistic interior designers are truly in love with black and white color schemes when it comes to decoration or base painting or covering the floor. It is even more clearly that the combination between black and white nuances are may be one of the best masterpieces in the minimalistic catalogue of home interior ideas. These two colors can never look boring or uninteresting when they come in a great collaboration. A minimalistic living room in a black and white combo is the perfect solution when you have a problem with matching the colors and finding some original decors.

Black white minimalist living room


Black white minimalist living room interior

Showing you the best black and white living rooms in the minimalistic style, we present you a richness of choices and decision that you can make and do. From the simplest till the most eccentric interior design, they all could fit to a traditional family house or to a flat where artistic people live nowadays. The advantage of black and white decoration in the living room can be found in the classic function of these two colors and the opportunity to improvise without restraints having that classic combo in the room.

Table and  sofa


Modern living room with black coffee table and white sofa

Mostly, materials in the black and white living room arranged and furnished in a minimalistic color are solid and dear. The point is that the white color is attracting the attention by all means and a table or a sofa that could be destroyed or damaged soon have no place in this interior design. Rely on marble and rock, stable teak wood and leather for the damask of the furniture. As to the other textiles that are usually used in the interior design of the minimalistic black and white living room, we can also indicate silk, linen, jacquard and taffeta.

Yin and Yang symbols


Black and white living room design with Yin and Yang symbols

Decoration motives in a black and white minimalistic living room are closely connected to the main theme of this specific color combination. We see Yin and Yang symbols, chess boards, ordinary stripes and spots, zebra skin, black and white graphical drawings, retro photos pieces of art that represent the idea of the opposites.

Living room decoration


Black and white living room decoration

Modern living room design


Black and white modern living room design


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