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Artistic living room designs


Artistic modern colorful living room

Living room interior design ideas combine comfortableness with beauty. It is a rare ability to find the balance the both factors in making a living room perfect one as it is taken from an interior design magazine. Actually, it is a real art to achieve such a great harmony between the luxury decors and the cozy furniture in the living room.

Colorful living room


Colorful living room with artistic interior design

Introducing you these ten fabulous artistic living rooms you will convince yourselves that a living room accommodate the human creative mind and the commonplace striving for a normal, calm and enjoyable lifestyle.The artistic living rooms we suggest you, encourage you to improvise with bright colors without the fear that you will turn your home into a circus area. Actually, a little bit laughter made by a clown or an adrenalin during the view of most talented acrobats could make our daily routines at home much jollier and funnier. Emphasizing on nuances such as orange, red, green, yellow and white will restore your joy of living and the harmony in your family.

Modern living room


Modern living room abstract landscape paintings

Mixing all of these colors is observed mostly on the walls in the artistic living rooms. They are, either spotted and blurred in unnamed shapes and figures, or combining in beautiful illustrations of exotic places, incredible natural landscapes or views.

Black and white photos


Black white photos in artistic living room

Paintings are the most significant decors in the artistic living rooms as we speak of a contemporary minimalism in interior design. Faces of people have become most favorite motives for the designers and new painters, as well, these days. Graphical black and white photos or sketches bring some eccentricity and mysteriousness.

Modern interior design


Artistic living room with modern interior design

The artistic strain in the modern interior design of our home living room can be also introduced on the floor. All those colors we have mentioned could play an amazing bright game and create awesome nuances in the ornaments of a carpet, linoleum or some mosaic terracotta. Magazines and newspapers-styled flooring is a gorgeous interpretation of a Hollywood office or movie-making studio. You will definitely feel special here and the artist everybody is going to be looking at, is nobody but you.

Artistic living room design


Penthouse white artistic living room design

Living room


Artistic living room


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