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Dark living room design

The living room is the most important room in the house. There goes a large part of people’s time. Therefore, the requirement is to be beautiful, modern and comfortable. This sgava with functional and comfortable furniture.Design in the living room is designed with sofa, armchairs, small table and cabinets. Successful interior design is achieved by choosing the style, colors and how you are furniture. Cotton sitting in the brightest part of the room. Excellent architectural solution is the installation of large windows. They provide a wonderful panoramic view. Potted plants help the transition from inner to outer space. Low furniture in white or light shades create a feeling of spaciousness in the living room, especially if it is smaller.

Modern living room


Modern living room decoration with lighting

The decoration of the walls may be bolder if the room is adequately lit. One wall can even be painted in a contrasting color or lined with stone. This helps to break up the space.Lighting in the living room is usually decided by a few lamps, since the room is larger. Besides the traditional chandelier lamps further accentuate beautiful works of art, fireplace or mounted to a comfortable chair for reading. Usually lighting in the room are a collection, but can be combined and individual items.

Fireplace in living room


Fireplace in living room

More and more people prefer to have a fireplace in the living room, although it does not rely on it for heating the room. Live fire attracts attention, creates a feeling of home. The style of the fireplace must comply with the design set.It is not easy to create beautiful, modern, stylish living spaces that are in harmony with the style people. For successful implementation is necessary eye for detail. Beautiful and cozy interior is not achieved only with expensive furniture.

Modern living room


Modern living room furniture

Refreshed and renovated old furniture can also make the environment beautiful and modern.Usually living room is the most large in the dwelling. This does not mean that the furniture in it must have been many. It is to provide enough seating position and at the same time, to ensure space. That room will be charged, modern and comfortable.

Gray living room design


Gray living room design

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