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Mixing in the living room


Modern minimalist living room interior

No, this article is not about djing or creating a mix for your favorite song. Although, if this inspires you can turn on your DVD player and put your favorite CD collection while you are going to follow our pieces of advice in creating a new style for interior design in your own living room.

Combined living and dining area


Open combined living and dining area

Yes, in the dining room – where everything is, usually, in traditional organization and consists of absolutely traditional furniture and colored in a traditional shades. Mixing in the living room lets you put all that details you are fond of among the different interior design styles. It may sounds a little bit inappropriate to add a minimalistic table in a room with classical arches, borrowed from the Baroque ages, but it looks not that bad at all. Mixing in the living your room will result in creation your own style of interior design, get your ten minutes glory and show the world you are an artist, too.

Minimalist living room design


Minimalist living room design

Start with the ceiling, you can combine and old fashioned chandelier with striped pattern. Some really good compilation could appear from black and white, or brown and gold. These combinations will suit to the main motives in the royal chandelier. Follow that strategy in coloring the walls, too. An interesting idea could be inverting the stripes. Devote your way of flooring to minimalism. Here, you have many options – black floor-boards, white terracotta or a carpet decorated with geometrical figures. Do not put any furniture on the carpet, let it say what it has to say.

Contemporary living room interior


Contemporary living room interior

Arrange the furniture near the windows so your reading, writing and rest will not need the illumination. Choose a table in a country style and combine it with soft tools with zebra damask from eco leather. Improvise with rich decoration by mixing ancient Greek culture with Egyptian sculptures bought from an antiquarian shop. Sweet pink vases will look in a new sexy way near an old collection of surrealism paintings or near black and white photos in elegant frames. Spread some nice aroma candles on the floor and in the corners of the room.

Mixed living room interior


Mixed living room interior design

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