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Baroque and minimalism in the living room

Living room is that place at home where we live more than anywhere else. Living here is more than just existing or spending some time. Living room has that unique function to create people an atmosphere which could be appropriate enough for any activity – after all in living room we share our free time with family and friends, we get our private rest and harmony relaxation, we enjoy the daylight in a shiny day or quietness in a rainy evening. Get this incredible idea of fitting up your living room, realize it and send to the bottom of the calmness, coziness and loveliness. Live your own dream in your own living room. In this spending living room we see the fantastic collaboration between three classic for the interior design styles. Minimalistic lines are combined with Baroque in fine precision. Somewhere between them we can also observe delicate classicism elements that finish the main idea – elegant room for daily routines and daily activities. And, finally, doing absolutely day-to-day stuffs surrounded by a royal atmosphere is more than a dream come truth. Pavement is elegant terracotta with no gaps. The luminosity it sparks is making some great combination with the bright illumination sets all over the ceiling. Meanwhile, flooring and ceiling are almost in the same color – neutral grey, glory silver or pure white. A great idea could be also to make them a little bit different – for example, pavement could be a little bit darker than the ceiling. The effect is amazing – fairy gradation of shades and neatness. Furniture is Baroque and minimalistic. In your dreamy living room your final goal is to reach the best balance between them. Main furnishes in the centre of the room make a sign for classicism and Baroque. We can put some mini table from glass or marble with extraordinary decoration and motives from ages ago. Sofas and chairs are soft, comfortable and impressive. For damask you should choose canopy or plush. Silver steel fids are combined with the grey royal table. Naturally, purple damask is bright and screaming to preserve the idea that rest and relaxation are your only duties in the living room. Shelves and cabinets, on the contrary – are simple, plain and minimalistic.

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