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How to equip the living room


Living-dining room in green and white

If you have a large living room area and want visually divide it into two parts, then you can do this by using color. Thus can be separated wonderful areas. One option is a dining area to form with warm colors, and place around the fireplace or TV – with calm cool colors. However, if this is not equally possible dimensions of living room, then can be used furniture that can transform.

Folding table


Folding table in living room

For example, you can use a folding table, which on weekdays will not be noticed in the room, but weekends and holidays it can gather the whole family and any guests. In addition, besides the living room should be comfortable enough, it needs to be better organized. It is good you try more to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, full of lively, fresh, activating notes. Best effect is obtained when bringing more diversity, for example, if one of the walls is painted a different colour. Given that living room is separated visually and has a dining niche, a good design decision if you match its colour with the colour of the back of the alcove.

Wall mural


Modern wall mural in living room

When you furnish your living room, never miss small details. In fact, this advice applies to the furnishing of all rooms in the house. Just these small decorative items, like some art objects and the flowers have not of a great practical meaning, but they are able to create a specific atmosphere that emphasizes the individuality of the home. The clutter the home with plenty of furniture is always harmful to the interior, even if these items are most valuable and beautiful design objects. In fact, one such equipment can even affect the same way as the monotony and emptiness at home. However, note that the large amount of decoration, wall murals or paintings on the walls and all sorts of little things make the living room much cozy, but and shorter and narrower. Pictures should not hang lower than the height of the eyes, and the most spectacular accessories can be highlighted by lighting, because that way they will shine forth in all its glory. The living room is a room that can be very distinct zones depending on the needs and preferences of your family.



Modern living room with lighting accents

Therefore, it needs to be well lit and there are great opportunities for decorating your living room with different lighting. Here are some tips:
In addition to the bright lights from the ceiling, for example, will be very appropriate and the use of a local lighting. You can use a similar lighting to distinguish the area for reading, or something more intimate, such as a corner for solitude. Of course, this requires different types of lighting. Usually in places where the family spends most of his time, it is necessary lighting with chandeliers, but you can use with great success and some special lighting. The table lamps and lamp shades are a wonderful lighting idea.

Living room


Minimalist living room with leather furniture and rug

Another interesting element that must be emphasized in your living room furniture is the textile such as curtains,rugs,pillows and e.t.c.. Textile and tablecloths are still some small details that are actually crucial for our home. They just should not be ignored with little effort on your part can bring the right atmosphere, from which your home has a need.
You can also bid for the contrast in the selection of color schemes in the interior.
This always gives a picturesque effect of interior design. You must remember that one of the most important things when we talk about furniture is actually colors and their proper combination. When the walls in the room are painted in bright colors, the whole atmosphere of the home is amended and the room looks much more spacious. On the other hand, the warm colors can give of your home an actually great feeling and the atmosphere would become great – very warm and cozy living space.

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