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Green colors for peace in the living room


Green living room wall design

It is not a secret for anyone of you that green color brings peace, harmony and happiness in our inside world. The grass-like shades calms you down, make the troubles go away and somehow take the role of nice melody that can lull us to sleep. Green color scheme for a living room interior is the best choice for people who have stressing job, bad luck in relationships and everyday melancholy or apathy, because an atmosphere where green shades are predominating, you can rest and enjoy small good things in your life.

Stylish green living room


Stylish green living room interior design

First idea for a green living room is simple and easy to be achieved. All you need is some green paint, classic green furniture and decors and of course – a little bit imagination. Pick up one of the walls and paint in green – the others you should leave in white the way the floor will be decorated. The main idea in this interior design is “not too much, not too green”. Balance must be found in order to protect yourself from overflowing with energy you will not know where to put it into. Next interior design idea for green peaceful living room is even less green.

Minimalist green living room


Minimalist green living room

But the contrast that green shade makes is remarkable. It is like the only thing that our eyes are attracted by is the green walls. Paint is a hybrid between reseda and electric green. All other elements in the room are purely white so that they are fusing in a spending unity and leave the green energy to rule the room. In an addition to the green line designers have added some green plant on the elegant white table surrounded with leather stool and armchair.

Stylish green living area furnishing


Stylish green living area furnishing

Green interior design for a living room has its own rules you should stick to when you furnish, order, build and paint. The most important of these rules is the delicate combinations you make between the main green theme and the others elements and decors in the room. Green walls can be perfectly combined with neutral white, black and grey pieces of furniture. But this is not obligatory. Some people prefer more colorful atmosphere at home. So, for these people we can say that green elements in the living room can be perfectly collaborated with yellow furniture, together with yellow, green brings you maximum of joy and bliss.

Living room in green gamma


Contemporary living room in green gamma

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