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Extravagant chic decor for your living space


Art deco living room in African style

This is the so-called style of Hollywood stars. It is also known as Art Deco. This style was used predominantly in the decoration of the luxury hotels and ships, but it is very popular and today.
The motherland of the Chic style is Paris, so the furniture in this style are characterized by the fierceness colors and custom solutions. The living room in Art Deco style incorporates elements of mixed Empire, archaic, Egyptian, Indian and African art.

Ultra modern living room


Ultra modern art deco living room in gold shades

The living room in Art Deco style is elegant, and somewhat resembles Art Nouveau, but certainly here we have a more modern vision and ideas. Furniture style “Art Deco” is filled with grace, variety of colors and custom solutions.
Usually in Art Deco saturated brown tones dominate and all shades of gold, and using rare materials such as black and palm wood.

Modern living room


Art deco living room with modern chairs and sofa design

The design of chairs  tables  and sofas can smite you with their forms.Some furniture in the Art Deco style have made unique and can refer you to other worlds.The style and elegance of the furniture is very important for home decor and equipment, in turn, Art Deco is massive, with soft lines and quiet smooth lines.

Artistic Art Deco


Artistic Art Deco living room with colorful sofa

Artistic language of Art Deco style is strongly influenced by neo-classical trends and thus instead of the strange lines and intricate stylized decor, everything here appear relaxed and smooth. Thanks to strong home decorative, modern Art Deco is becoming more organized in the spirit of ancient Greek classics.

Art Deco living room


Modern Art deco living room with sofa as accent

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