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Storage furniture design for the living room by Presotto


Storage furniture design must be both stylish and functional. Of course, what else? It’s the 21st century contemporary design so you definitely don’t want to live with all that clutter that the living area accumulates on everyday basis. It is not a good example of lifestyle anyway. Get rid of it as fast as possible. Just find a good storage solution. Choosing good and modern storage furniture is an opportunity to keep things in apple pie stylish order in the future. Keep it in mind that storage furniture should also meet the needs of all modern technology as well. This is how actually pieces fit together and everything looks in order.

Storage furniture design by Presotto


You know that keeping living space clean is a true craft so discover how easy it can be with the new Pari & Dispari furniture range by Presotto. It accommodates all the unsightly living area clutter so now you could have a new clutter-free look. Sounds like an amazing opportunity and probably what you look for? It is just an ideal storage solution. By getting it you can also enjoy a custom fit in every room as these modern systems are modular. Finished with pure matte-white with colored glass in Stone Silver Shine they keep space for your TV behind its closed doors. You could watch it at a moment’s notice. Besides that there is enough space for your stereo, CDs and DVDs and also cables, books, magazines, glassware and all other home comforts. The new storage furniture designs come also as exposed systems just in case you want to show off your priceless collections. If you are interested you can see more images on storage solutions and ideas from Presotto’s new Pari & Dispari range. If you need more information go to Presotto or just buy it at the NGI Design showroom.


Living room storage furniture by Presotto


Modular system living room furniture by Presotto


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