Modern living room couch by Busnelli


Getting a new modern living room couch isn’t just about impressing your girlfriend or your guests. You know vagaries of fashion are actually a good thing when you satisfy them in the proper way. There is nothing wrong in being a fashion lover and especially if you have a style of your own. It means you are stepping forward to new contemporary design decisions and care more about the look of your place. It is not a bad thing, is it? Then why not add some luxe to it as well. A luxurious piece of modern furniture adds a glamour which captures the eye for the sake of design itself. Choosing as modern living room furniture is about making things look better and complete especially when we talk about a modern sofa. You just have to find what suit your taste and your interior. Here you will find information about a great “draped” classic couch design.

Modern living room couch


If you want to know what exactly we mean check out the living room couch from the Italian furniture company Busnelli. You will get exactly what your living room needs: a sumptuous sofa with an aristocratic classical appearance. It is contemporary, elegant and original which actually summarise a modern design couch known for its “draped” upholstery. In this case it is draped in nothing but in luxurious leather and marvelous fabric.

Leather living room couch


This great leather modern living room couch is just a fabulous piece of elegance. A touch of formality is added to the couch’s backrest and seat which feature traditional buttoning while the rest of the sofa has a different look. Busnelli produces this sofa in a variety of color so you can easily fit it in your house interior. The couch fits very well in a minimalist design interior. A similar chair and an ottoman are also available.You can find more about this great sofa by visiting the Busnelli website.


Black leather sofa


 White sofa design



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