Modern bookshelves and sideboards by Acerbis


What makes a living space truly functional is the ability to arrange all your stuff in the most precise and convenient way. Messy living space where everything is upside down is not exactly what we look after, especially when it comes to décor and design. These new modern bookshelves and sideboards are created by designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti as a part of the new 2010 collection.

Modern bookshelves


Modern bookshelves and sideboards are an amazing way to show this ability so think more next time when you choose how they look and what is their level of functionality. Ask yourself: do they work for my comfort and for my eyes? If the answer is “yes” then think twice about their design. Books are important for every intelligent person so it’s not hard to imagine that containing them is also important. Besides books you have to think about all electronic that is in usage – TV, DVD, screens, etc. It is always good that new design helps functionality and the better storage of your personal possessions. Have in mind that behind every good pieces of furniture stands a good brand. Acerbis International designs “domestic landscapes” since 1870, so they surely know what they produce.

Modern bookshelves design


The new cool bookshelves boast space-efficient qualities and are made to contain electronics. The ultra cool display shelf features a sleek sliding glass panel that conceals the TV when not in use and it also slides open when you want to watch the tube. Revealing the hidden rear storage is easy if you just sled over the TV. These incredible modern shelves and sideboards are finished in black and white and suit every space. You can check these modern bookshelves and sideboards at Acerbis International.





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