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Living room furniture by Danka Design


Contemporary design is about creativity and sometimes it adds a genuine game-like element to its crazy ideas. If we take living room furniture for example it is easy to imagine how these pieces could have an aspect of “joyfulness” creating an atmosphere as if you are at a playground. Who doesn’t like fun? Even if it is connected somehow with your own décor. The aspect of “joyfulness” will always float around your living area. That is how contemporary design finds a way to comfort your senses and finds a suitable decision for your home. It just brings positive energy. And this is what good design might do. Let’s have a look at the Jumbo oversized living room couch from the Dutch furniture company, Danka Design Furniture.

Living room furniture by Danka Design  – Jumbo Sofa


Except that it is extra plush it just feels like you are sitting on piles of feathers. You can enjoy these incredible pieces as you watch TV, surf in Internet, read a good novel or just have a chat with a friend. It will always be something delirious to the eyes as their shape itself is made to “enjoy”.  It doesn’t matter how big your space is as there are a variety of items to choose from – benches, free-standing and corner pieces with and without armchairs, a chaise lounge and pouffe. Any of them is good to cheer your space up! Endless combinations are possible to find comfort so why not spending money on that instead of a normal stiffed furniture.  They have a natural shape and diverse colour palette that can easily work out with any existing furniture in your house. You will be able to choose from removable and leather upholstery depending on your personal choice. All you have to do is relax! If you want to view the full collection go on and visit Danka Design Furniture.

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