LED Lighted Sofa by Colico


Did you ever dream of changing the color of your home decor? How many times? Yeah, this table should be red instead of black or maybe the wardrobe should be white instead of blue. Anyway, it’s not that hard to imagine this crazy dream without painting. Why? Well, because of design innovations, of course. Welcome to the new illuminating dimension that comes to life with the new Asami Light LED lighted sofa.

An amazing LED lighted sofa by Colico


This unique furniture is made by the Italian company Calico. It is a true state-of-art technology which transforms furniture to a different level. Nothing stays the same, because your furniture starts changing its color. It is a versatile style element that changes its color to suit your mood. This fashion-forward design brings a new emotional element to the atmosphere of your house or home theater. It has a classic shape but with some innovative design the LED lighted sofa turns into a modern-day furniture.

Innovative design – LED lighted sofa by Colico


The changing colors are set to comfort your visual senses and reflect your mood. All you have to do is grab the remote control and change LEDs color. It is as easy as that due to the new design innovations. This futuristic furniture gives your home a new changing identity and your own personal touch. You become a designer of your own and decorating is up to you! The sleek sofa adds another level of versatility and features a modular design that lets you go as big and shapely as you need to. Now colors can be controlled by our own personal decision so if you want blue just go on and take the remote control. You can find more information for this modern LED lighted sofa by visiting the Calico website. Go on and find more about this cool sofa and don’t forget that contemporary design brings changes and color.


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