Luxury furniture by Sicis Next Art


Good designers show imagination. True artists break boundaries using their imagination. Think about the genius of the Spanish architect Gaudi. Everybody who is familiar with his masterpieces of architecture knows exactly what we mean. His works are coming out of fairy tales. It is more than just having something in mind. It is about visions. You need to have a vision in order to work in such a big scale. But you should be able to have the skills to turn the vision into a real object. Or in other words you should be talented. There aren’t many designers who are brave enough to experiment with interior design as much as this one here and create luxury furniture with an incredible style.

Luxury furniture by Sicis Next Art


This is what we can definitely say about the designer Carla Tolomeo who created this wonderful limited-edition collection luxury furniture of chairs and sofas encrusted with Sicis mosaic. They look like modern-day masterpieces that break the boundaries between art and function and that’s why they are so great. There are just few persons who are able to do it in such a precise manner. The way she interprets nature is so surreal that it transforms a piece of furniture into an abstract butterfly or a rose into a blooming mount of pillows. The attention to detail is so precise that it fully grabs our interest. Each of these great pieces boasts Italian craftsmanship of high quality.

Luxury furniture for the dining room


This luxury furniture is also decorated with a variety of natural items and colors thus creating a warm and gentle atmosphere. Getting this collection will allow you to transform your interior into a fairy-like living space which will truly unique. If you need more information on this incredible pieces of art you can visit Sicis Next Art website. Even if you don’t buy anything it’s worthy seeing what has been created by this designer’s imagination.

Luxury sofa


 Luxury chairs by Sicis Next Art





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