Personalize Your interior with Creative Wooden Wall Tiles

‘Modern Art ‘Tiles by Mosarte


A simple but highly effective update of the tradition of wood paneling these creative wooden wall tiles are by MosarteQuite aptly they are called ‘Modern Art’.  The tiles are a wonderful fusion of art and craft and ideal for adding a feature to the contemporary interior.  These creative wooden wall tiles are based on a geometric system of repeated semi circular motifs.  These may be configured in a range of style variations to create infinite design possibilities.  Each wooden tile panel is a small sculptural relief, manufactured using a precise water jet technology.  This results in the particularly clean lines and forms which are brought to life by dynamic interactions with light and shadow.  The style of these creative wooden wall tiles makes a distinctly retro reference to movements in design during the mid 20th century.  The warmth of the wood can be a useful introduction to make an interior design scheme more personal and welcoming, but in an unexpected and creative manner.

Creative wooden wall tiles – innovative design


The same design is also available in white and marble finishes for a cooler impact on the interior.  The wooden version is arguably more innovative as it combines a traditional interior feature with a refreshingly modern style.  The outcome is timelessly elegant and the possibilities for placing these creative wooden wall tiles in the interior is wide open to personal interpretation.  They could be used on a floor to ceiling feature wall for a most dramatic impact or for a smaller eye catching feature used to create a more isolated artwork.

Creative wooden wall tiles by Mosarte – fabulous original art work


Multiple variations in the arrangement of these creative wooden wall tiles enables true personalization of this stunning design feature.  Each tile can be positioned according to taste to create a series of exciting visual rhythms in conjunction with neighboring tiles.  The repeated curvilinear forms are all interrelated so, which ever way they are composed, the outcome will look harmonious and balanced.  In this way even someone with no artistic experience can make a fabulous original art work.  So this gorgeous series of creative wooden wall tiles is not only good looking but potentially fun to use.

by Jaz

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