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Rustic living room decor ideas – tips for choosing the right furniture

spectacular rustic living room interior design big sectional sofa stone fireplace

A rustic living room decor exudes a natural charm. It is often a mix of rural and ethnic flavor and combines culture and traditions which are different for every country.

rustic living room furniture ideas stone fireplace sofa coffee table

However, there are certain country style features a large number of natural materials that should prevail in the decoration of the living room.

rustic living room designs stone fireplace ethnic rugs wood banisters

The furniture is simple but of high-quality – massive wooden tables and chairs and in some cases – wrought-iron furniture.

Living room ideas rustic interior decorating ideas stone fireplace sofa

Natural colors and patterns are used for the decor of a rustic living room, especially in textiles and accessories.

 Rustic living room – how to choose the colors

rustic living room interior design hardwood floor stone fireplace stone staircase

For a rustic living room design you should opt for neutral color palette – white and beige. The floors are mostly hardwood, and seating furniture is upholstered in leather or light colored fabrics.

awesome rustic living room stone fireplace ethnic rug armchairs ottoman

Avoid cluttering the room with furniture if you want to preserve the open and spacious look. A natural stone wall in the living room will emphasize the charm of the rustic style.

living room interior rustic design ideas fireplace wood banisters leather sofas

 Of course, a fireplace is a main element in the interior and most often the focal point.

luxury living room rustic interior sofa set armchairs ceiling beams

Quite often in a modern living room, decorated in rustic style, designers use white or beige colors as a main color. This is due primarily to the fact that these colors blend well with all other colors.

Living room design rustic furniture leather ottoman sofa armchairs

The colors of natural wood are considered as soothing and warm, so these are largely used as well.

 Choosing furniture for a rustic living room

small living room rustic interior stone fireplace seating furniture

The main element of the interior in a rustic living room is, of course, furniture. It can be located either in the center of the room or along the walls.

rustic living room interior design neutral colors beige area rug sofa armchairs stone fireplace

A coffee table, open shelves for storing books and a variety of accessories, wicker chairs and tables, side tables, stools, ottomans – all these or some of these can be accommodated in the interior depending on the size of the room.

 rustic living room ideas stone fireplace sofa solid wood log coffee table

 The furniture usually feature a coarse finish which is authentic for the style.

Decoration ideas for a rustic living room

rustic furniture ideas living room interior design decorating ideas

A living room in a country style usually does not need a great decoration. Let the bright colors of the furniture be the accent and combine them with decorative pillows of cotton with exotic motifs and patterns.

 rustic living room interior design ideas stone fireplace leather armchairs

Images, photos or a mirror on the wall will underline the rough look. Vases and other small decorative objects will complement the interior.


living room design ideas rustic interior design firepalce antler chandelier

 Antler or wrought iron chandeliers are also typical for the rustic style decor.


rustic interior living room leather sofa stone walls home bar wrought iron chandelier

rustic interior living room ideas leather furniture fireplace

living room design rustic furniture stone fireplace leather sofa

Living room design ideas rustic interior design leather sofa stone fireplace

leather furniture stone fireplace rustic interior design ideas living room



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