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Minimalist TV stands in trendy living room interiors

minimalist tv stand design ideas modern white living room furniture

Minimalist TV stands are the perfect choice if you wanted to create a modern minimalist interior and a contemporary look in your living room. They not only fit harmoniously into the ambience, but are also highly functional. Many people are attracted by the minimalist designs as they have proven as very functional and reflect modern lifestyle. If your home is decorated in traditional or classic style, it is quite possible that TV stands with minimalist design will look awkward and out of place. They will be suitable for interiors in contemporary style and restricted color scheme.

modern tv stand minimalist design ideas living room furiture ideas

Some ideas for mounting TV and TV furniture designs also provide additional storage space.They can have one or more shelves incorporated in the design.

trendy living room minimalist tv cabinet design contemporary living room furniture

Positioning the TV stand in the room requires integration with other furniture.

Minimalist TV cabinet contemporary living room white furniture

Usually it is placed on the central wall, opposite to the seating furniture, ensuring that the TV is not exposed to direct sunlight.

futuristic tv stand minimalist living room design ideas

Some designs feature freestanding TV stands which can be positioned anywhere in the room.

Modern minimalist TV stands

contemporary living room trendy minimalist tv stand design curved lines

Minimalist TV stands with an exclusive design and numerous features can be seen in many contemporary interiors.

Wall mounting system flat screen TV white living room design glass table

The variety of models and forms is quite big – from traditional style to hi tech and futuristic designs. The small TV stand depth allows designers a great creative freedom and high quality design.


plasma tv stand minimalist futuristic design living room furniture

Larger living spaces with multiple seating areas require TV stands on wheels or swivel systems. Modern modular systems with open fronts offer functionality and flexibility.

 Minimalist TV stands with additional storage space

ultra modern tv stand design innovative minimalist TV stand ideas

A flat screen TV can be either hidden or visible. Additional shelves with modern design can accommodate books, disks, additional media equipment yet preserving the minimalist design style.

modern tv stand design minimalist style living room furniture

Metal, glass or glossy surfaces provide a modern look in the living room. TV stands with an oval shape are very interesting, as the form of the circle dominates the area and becomes a focal point in the living room decor.

Living room modern Tv furniture combination cabinets shelves

Minimalist TV stands are an excellent solution for small rooms as they save space. In a small space you can place floating shelves for your music and DVD players.

 TV stand living room furniture trendy home interior designs

Check the modern designs in the gallery and get inspired for the contemporary appearance of your living room.


TV furniture for living room design ideas contemporary home interior

modern tv stand ideas minimalist living room interior design tv furniture ideas

minimalist tv stand living room furniture ideas modern furniture ideas

minimalist tv stand contemporary living room gray wall color floating shelves

minimalist tv stand black white colors straight lines futuristic media room interior

minimalist tv cabinet trendy living room furniture black white

minimalist TV cabinet black and white color contemporary elegant living room design

hi tech futuristic tv stand minimalist furniture design ideas


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