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115 ideas for luxurious living room furniture by Roche Bobois

black sofa living room furniture Roche Bobois

If you are looking for luxurious living room furniture and for fresh ideas, then you will surely be inspired by the photos below. The French company Roche Bobois is known for its modern furniture. These incredible designs are designed by world-famous names such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Missoni, Philippe Bouix, Kenzo, Emmanuel Ungaro and of course, many other less known names. We have selected for you some of the most exciting ideas for luxurious living room furniture.

Modern interior design ideas for the living room furniture

 ultra modern black sofa

The leather sofa is very popular choice for the living room. Make sure that the sofa fits the general style. It is particularly important that it is not too large, and there is hardly any free space in the living room for movement. Colors, materials and shapes are also crucial and should correspond to the main concept. Living room furniture should reflect this as well as your personality and taste.

Elegant living room furniture – leather sofa

white sofa minimalist living room design

The leather sofa is a symbol of luxury and glamor, it is a popular choice for the living room, for restaurants, bars and lounges. The material itself is treated as a sign of wealth and success since ancient times – that’s why, in many offices nowadays leather furniture is so popular. A leather sofa fits the classic style and elegant interiors and attracts everyone’s attention. Get inspired by these excellent suggestions for living room furniture by Roche Bobois and design your own elegant living room!

yellow leather sofa living room

 Black elegant leather furniture

black modern living room furniture

White sofa set

white sofa set

 Modern sofa with storage space

white sofas and elegant design

 Elegance in gray

white sofa living room Roche Bobois

 White leather sofa

white sofa colorful wall decoration living room

 A modern living room interior

white sofa modern living room interior

 White is always fashionable

White modern sofa yellow pillows

 An elegant sofa is an accent in the interior

Wall decoration modern living room sofa

 Great sofa in the living room

vintage upholstery sofa living room furniture

Black and white design with red accents

vintage interior design black sofa

vintage furniture living room sofa

vintage living room Roche Bobois

trendy colorful sofa living room

super stylish interior black sofa

super elegant table sofa living room

Stripe design living room

square sofa elegant living room

Sofa Roche Bobois colorful cushions

Sofa Roche Bobois

sofa living room red colorful pillows

Sofa Living Room Roche Bobois

Sofa Floral Design Cushion

Sofa Design Roche Bobois

snow white sofa

semi circular sofa green decoration living room

semi circular cream colored sofa

sculptural table comfortable sofa

rustic sofa modern design

round wooden table living room set

round table living room

retro sofa design living room

red sofa living room

red club armchair

purple sofa design

purple pillows Roche Bobois

purple chairs Living room furniture

purple carpeted living room

practical bookshelves rustic living room

pink red living room furniture

pink carpet lamp living room

pink art white living room

outdoor living room design

orange pink living room design

orange green colors living room

orange chairs Living room

Neon colors living room furniture

modern sofa wooden furniture living room

modern sofa steel construction

modern sofas interesting shape

modern sofa pink pillows

modern sofa living room furniture

modern sofa living room Roche Bobois

modern sofa design living room

modern living room sofa design

modern leather furniture office

modern interior gray carpet

Modern French furniture living room

Modern color carpet sofa living room

Modern carpet black leather sofa luxury living room

minimalist sofa living room

minimalist living room white sofa mural

Living room sofas

Living room modern brown sofa

Living room colorful decoration sofa

gray sofa Roche Bobois

gray sofa living room

gray sofa blue art

Granite floor living room

Glass table modern shelves living room

Glass table gray sofa

French Furniture Floral Design living room

exciting sofa Roche Bobois

elegant white sofa living room

elegant sofa steel construction

elegant sofa fabric upholstery stylish living room furniture

elegant sofa living room furniture

elegant modern sofa living room furniture

elegant light beige sofa living room furniture design

elegant exotic decoration black sofa

elegant classic living room furniture black sofa

dark gray sofa living room furniture

cozy living room carpet sofas

cozy interiors sofa

comfortable grass green furniture

colorful sofas floral pattern

colorful sofa floral pattern

colorful decoration living room

classic sofa living room

classic living room chandelier leather sofa

Chandelier yellow decoration white sofa living room

brown leather furniture living room

brown color scheme sofa

bright pastel colors living room

Brick wall living room

black white sofas

black white accents living room

black sofa orange details

black living room furniture

black furniture minimalist living room

black color living room furniture

beige sofa living room furniture

beige sofa brown pillows

asymmetric sofa living room

Asymmetric pillow creamy sofa

Art and white living room sofa

angular sofa minimalist style


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