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The fantastic shaggy rugs -100 ideas for a modern living room interior

Round area rug modern living room upholstered furniture fireplace

The shaggy rugs in the home interior are becoming more and more popular. Some people may wonder what is a shaggy carpet. This is an area rug with longer yarn than the yarn used in other carpets and the rugs shag is also called “long hair”. The long fibers give the rugs a soft, fluffy appearance. They can be manifactured from different materials and with different thicknesses: wool, polyester, bamboo or polypropylene. The “spaghetti” shaggy rug is one of the most popular in recent years. The shaggy rugs are extremely comfortable, we love to walk barefoot. We selected 100 photos for you to discover different interiors where the shaggy carpet is an element of the design and an accent.

 Shaggy rugs design is a growing trend

white living room eclectic furniture ideas spectacular chandelier shaggy rug

Nowadays, numerous designs of high pile shaggy rugs are offered in various sizes and color combinations. Whether one opts for a broad carpet or for a small area rug, is closely related to the personal preferences. It should remember that furniture legs leave permanent marks on the carpet. That’s why most people like to lay the carpet in front of the sofa where traditionally a coffee table is placed. If you have a fireplace in the living room, the carpet should be set at a distance of at least 1 meter from the fireplace. The shaggy rugs are available in numerous colors – super modern are the colors cream, grass green and dark blue.

The cleaning and maintenance of the shaggy rugs

Shaggy carpet orange lounge chair modern furniture design  living room interior

The cleaning of the shaggy rugs is often a challenge. Families with small children, pets and allergy sufferers should expect a major effort and vacuum the carpet every two-three days with a flat brush. Rotating brushes can damage the carpet fiber. In warm weather, the carpet can be taken out and hung on the railings once a week. Beat the rug to loosen trapped dirt and. Other options are dry shampooing, steam cleaning, etc.

Living room fashion stove white furniture shaggy carpet

Modern living room interior in contrast colors

black white living room interior space divider sofa curtains

 Elegant living room with a thick shagged rug

modern fireplace living room white shaggy carpet large windows natural light

White living room furniture and a black fireplace

white living room fireplace sofas shaggy carpet coffee table

 Stylish interior design in a contemporary living room

contemporary living room design shaggy rugs ideas coffee table

The shaggy rug is very suitable for modern interiors

Stone wall fireplace shaggy carpet gray orange armchair

Small and stylish living room

small living room gray upholstery shaggy carpet pictures wall

 The shaggy rug as an accent in modern living room

shaggy rugs ideas living room marble wall fireplace modern furniture

Chocolate brown rug as an accent in the living area

shaggy rugs in the living room interior leather furniture brown white shaggy carpet

The fluffy carpet gives the interior a cozy atmosphere

Living room interior design glass wall coffee table shaggy carpet

Thick shaggy carpet pastel wall color high windows white sofa

stylish shaggy rugs living room interior design laminate flooring

Stone wall shaggy carpet and fireplace ideas low coffee table

thick shaggy carpet chic interior design ideas wooden coffee table

small living room design coffee table stylish shaggy carpet

small living room design brown shaggy carpet coffee table white sofa

shaggy rugs in modern interior living room interior design ideas white carpet leather chairs

shaggy rugs for living room fireplace leather sofa white walls wood beams

shaggy rugs for living room white shaggy carpet glass table modern furniture

shaggy rugs in interior design contemporary living room

shaggy rugs ideas small living room design ideas white sofa

shaggy rugs ideas neutral color furniture decoration accent pillows

shaggy rugs ideas modern living room wooden side table striped pillows

shaggy rugs ideas moderm living room country style coffee table

shaggy rugs ideas minimalist living room white rug

shaggy rugs ideas living room design wooden floor white shaggy carpet

Shaggy rugs ideas gray walls modern interior design

shaggy rugs for living room ideas crystal chandelier gray sofa beautiful forest view

shaggy rugs design blue stools floor lamp wall shelf

Shaggy carpet living room interior design ideas grey color blue accents

Shaggy carpet living room interior design ideas green wall brown upholstery

Shaggy carpet living room design white sofa decorative pillows

Shaggy beige brown carpet mountain view black accent colors

shagged rugs for living room wall shelves wooden loft white wall

Shaggy carpet wooden floor chocolate wall color elegant furniture

rustic style living room design fireplace wooden ceiling coffee table

rustic interior fireplace wooden beams ceiling shaggy carpet brown color

purple white living room furniture design shaggy rugs ideas

 marble floor tiles living room ideas white shag pile carpet

small living room fireplace shaggy rug neutral color palette

shaggy rugs white living room semi round sofa floor lamp

shaggy rugs design orange carpet colorful living room

minimalist living room leather furniture design shaggy rug

 living room shaggy rugs ideas stove rustic coffee table white carpet black floor lamp

modern living room white furniture leather ottoman shaggy rug

modern living room shaggy rugs ideas round carpet upholstered furniture

modern living room pictures eclectic style decorative pillows gray shaggy rug

modern living room gray carpet purple chairs

modern living room furniture gray white beige high pile carpet

modern living room fireplace white wall brown shaggy carpet

modern living room design ideas photo wall gray shaggy carpet cabinet

modern living room chairs tables shaggy rug design fireplace

modern interior design gray wall color wall art blue stool shaggy carpet

modern home interior living room shaggy rugs ideas white sofa

modern home furniture blue sofa white shaggy carpet

cozy living room interior ideas eclectic furnitureshaggy rug

white living room LED lighting modern shaggy carpet

Living room yellow chairs leather gray sofa stool

Living room wardrobe floor lamp white color cream colored shag pile rug

Living room leather furniture light brown shaggy carpet beautiful view

modern living room interior white fully shaggy carpet large windows

living room interior gray shaggy carpet wooden bench

Living room interior design furniture rocking chair shaggy carpet

living room interior ideas shaggy rugs ideas wooden coffee table rustic style

living room interior design ideas armchairs low coffee table area rug

Living room interior design ideas leather furniture fireplace shaggy rug

Living room ideas white wall shelf photos blue upholstered furniture floral design

Living room ideas half round sofa leather furniture shaggy carpet

Living room ideas coffee table shaggy rugs design

Living room eclectic furniture lighting shaggy carpet

Living room furniture white sofa shaggy rugs design

Living room furniture wall shelf shag pile carpet

Living room furniture coffee table cushion sofa gray wall shaggy carpet

Living room design ideas modern orange furniture white shaggy rug

Living room colors purple red shaggy rugs ideas

Laminate flooring shaggy carpet black leather furniture high windows

green armchair glass coffee table gray sofa design wall shelf shaggy carpet

gray living room kitchen island upholstered furniture coffee table shaggy carpet

gray living room furniture ideas fireplace glass door shaggy carpet

elegant living room design glass coffee table shaggy carpet

living room dark flooring shaggy carpet corner sofa design ideas

living room interior furniture ideas leather armchair shaggy rugs ideas

 living room design ideas shaggy carpet chairs upholstered sofa

white walls fireplace skylight white walls area rug modern living room

cozy living room interior shaggy rugs ideas fireplace

contemporary kids room shaggy carpet pink green flower pattern

contemporary living room white walls and furniture shaggy rugs ideas

 living room interior orange carpet white sofa design ideas glass wall

contemporary living room acrylic table day bed carpet sofa

Color decorating ideas living room combinations wall shelving ideas

classic living room furniture design wallpaper shaggy carpet

black and white living room LED lights black modern shaggy carpet

yellow upholstered furniture living room interior snow white shaggy carpet

shaggy rugs for living room green gray sofas white wall chandelier

modern living room wooden flooring round sofa shaggy rug

shaggy rugs ideas country style leather furniture chair

modern living room orange upholstery furniture white shaggy carpet


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