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Luscious Living Room Design Ideas

Contemporary living room interior design

Having a homely, beautiful, warm and welcoming environment in our living room is vital. This is the place where we all gather with our friends and family and it is definitely the area in our home that deserves our utmost careful decision making in terms of furnishing and decorating. You want something more exquisite, something more stylish and beautiful? Then take a look at these wonderful examples of luscious living rooms and broad your interior design horizons.

Luscious Living Room Designs

Modern living room furnishings

Black and white is the absolutely classical interior for a living room. When it is complimented by wood elements it becomes an absolutely fascinating, beautiful living room environment that will give you the harmony and the welcoming ambiance you have been longing for.

Lovely Decoration Ideas

Modern living room with green plants

Mahogany, purple or other dark furniture colors in contrast with white walls is a wonderful idea and is a perfect example of luscious living room design. What could be more incredible than walking into a stylish, interior world that is in perfect balance in terms of colors, fabrics and arrangement? It is a dream-come- true.

Cozy Furniture Design

Contemporary sofa design

Glass and bricks – how is that possible? Well, take a look at this beautiful living room design that combines these two elements in perfect symbiosis. The concrete glass absolutely compliments the natural-looking brick wall. The French window invites the outdoors into the living room environment. When you have light-colored furniture and white walls to balance the interior design equation you end up with this gorgeous living room masterpiece. Bravo!

Wooden Living Room Interior

Living room interior design ideas

The tilled floor and the glossy finishes are the preconditions for easy cleaning. That doesn’t mean that you should be swiping the floor all the time but take a look at this amazing combination with the light-colored furniture. It is an absolutely fantastic choice.


Luxury Home Interior

Stylish furniture design

Imagine a room surrounded not by French windows, but by glass walls. This living room is in perfect balance with the nature outside. Though it is surrounded by glass, you can see that it is very intimate and private. The wooden furniture pieces and elements, the wooden floor and the vintage look lets you into an amazing fairytale interior that will not only blow you away, it will enchant you away.

 Modern Furniture Conception

Modern living room with luxury furnishings

 Lovely Living Room Interior Design

Stylish living room furniture design

Fantastic Home Interior Design

Modern furnishings

Minimalist Living Room Design

Modern living room furnishings


Modern Interior Design

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Contemporary Decoration Ideas

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Recent Living Room Design

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Contemporary Furniture Design

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