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Chilled Out Contemporary Living Rooms

Contemporary interior design ideas

Just like every contemporary style living room these designs hold the spirit of the late 1900s and have the same innovative simple contours, bold vivid color combinations, and clean lines.

Contemporary Living Rooms

Elegant living room design


Trendy and youthful these visualizations show a luxurious modern solution for the living space. The contemporary ideas can create an artistic, therapeutic and a transcendent atmosphere even for the most fastidious taste.

Modern Living Room Interior Designs

Modern weather sofa design

Here is a masculine, edgy interior with an industrial, contemporary style implementation. The solid fabrics with plain textures, the metal accessories and clean details give a very strong urban reminiscent. The voluminous book collections contribute to this chill out sensation into the atmosphere.

Stylish Sitting Room Designs

Modern living room decoration

Tile or wood flooring combined with mats, sun-soaked interior space, and modern design furniture definitely give a notion for artistry. The muted drapes create a lovely contrast that only complements the rest of the decor. This is surely a favorable display.

Lovely Home Interior Design

Modern living room with luxury furnishings

The solid green velvet sofa fabric, the gray tile walls and the modern living room furnishing create another lovely urban atmosphere. The contemporary interior design in this living space is carefully balanced by the clean, simple lines of the different furniture pieces.

Classic Home Decoration Ideas

Modern furniture design

In this living room design, artistry is at its peak. The white furniture pieces are overall contemporary, but are complemented by modern, clean lining and interesting choice of fabric. The creative lighting system and innovative furniture arrangement perfectly suit the white flooring and the contemporary wall units. The chill out atmosphere comes from the combination between the wooden suspended ceiling texture, the furniture pieces, the choice of flowers and accessories and the urban framework.

Charming Contemporary Living Room Design

Sitting room interior design ideas

With its sharp design, multifunctional features, a modern glass guardrail, pendant lights, and not to forget the Andy Warhol’s pop art style portrait of Marilyn Monroe, this contemporary chill out living room design is bound to create a lovely ambiance.

Cool Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary classic home design


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