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Living Room Style Statements

Living room interior design in white by Michael Nugroho

Bright, unique and modern – this is the concept of these vivid living room style statements by Michael Nugroho.  This home design is created with the utmost care and intelligent, innovative solutions. Chic and beautiful these stylish living room designs give us a whole new perspective for the living space.

Spacious Living Room Conception by Michael Nugroho

Michael Nugroho ideas for modern home interior

The first design you see before you is a lovely open-space concept with a vast-expansive interior. The floor-to ceiling windows allow the light to naturally flow into the room and create a great sunbeam atmosphere. The dark-solid furniture color compliments this sunlight concept and creates a wonderful contrast that acts as a neutralizer to the entire concept. At night the room is embraced by the mulch-pendant in-build LED lighting. This allows the interior and the floor to be soft-lit by the LED strips, creating an enchanting glittering glow. This is definitely a lovely, beautiful solution for every dual-level home interior.

Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

Modern living space

The next living room design is absolutely a work of art. It is very bold, yet very natural. The explosive motions create an expansive notions – this is probably the most artistic figure of speech that we can use to describe this unique and lovely living room style.  The molecular pattern on the wall and on the rug is only one side of this innovative, sound-fusion, modern concept. Filled with latest sound and vision equipment this living room tells you that you have just entered the room of an artist in the most post modernistic understanding of the word “artist”. The small coffee table gives a little rustic touch, but everything else is absolutely futuristic – the bookshelves, the sofa and the entire furniture arrangement.

Modern Living Room Design

Cozy living room interior

The last but not the least – we see a very sophisticated and overall conservative interior. This black-masculine furniture screams ‘high fashion’.  The leather is complimented by walnut tones and wonderful white storage units. This style statement is definitely one of the most modern, chic and comfortable living rooms, and when it is complimented by a soft backlit and sophisticated  Eames chair, we can, without a doubt say, that life can’t get any better than this.

Contemporary Sitting Room Design By Michael Nugroho

Modern living room with luxury furnishings


Chic Living Room Design by Michael Nugroho


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