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18 Luxurious Designer Sofas that add Italian Flair to the Living Room

Designer Sofas by B&B Italia

This article showcases some of the fabulous sofas designed by Italian company B&B Italia.  The gallery of gorgeous designs shows just how well this sumptuous range adapts to a wide range of different living environments.  Whether super modern, minimalist or grand and traditional each luxurious designer sofa sits perfectly in its unique setting.

Make a Color Feature of a Luxurious Designer Sofa

Designer Sofa - Living room

All of these sofa combinations are displayed in beautiful surroundings, what is apparent though, is that the preferred backdrops are all predominantly neutral in color.  This gives each room setting an uncluttered quality and sense of space.  Within these tasteful rooms the super comfortable sofas become focal points.  They are at once harmonious with their environments but also of central importance to the success of each interior design scheme.  Each luxurious designer sofa stands out for different reasons.

In specific examples color becomes the eye catching feature. See how a subtle clash of colors between sofa, stool and a piece of artwork creates a lively visual connection of shapes, volumes and space.  Vibrant berry reds sing out against a grey, or black and white color scheme. In another room setting, bold black and white stripes enliven the neutral color scheme while also blending seamlessly with the elegant décor.

Luxurious Designer Sofas in Versatile Groupings

Black Sectional Designer sofas - B&B

Many of these modern sofa arrangements are modular. This feature allows flexibility in arranging rooms. You can see here how these luxurious designer sofas look particularly inviting when arranged in an L shape.  This creates a lovely comfortable and cozy corner to snuggle into at the end of a busy day.

Also illustrated is a deeply cushioned ottoman which can become part of an intimate seating group or could be used as a stunning stand alone piece in a study or a library corner, for example.  Of course you may prefer to adopt a more traditional approach and organize your sofa along a single wall, using separate seating around this to avoid over formality.

The beauty of the versatile modular system is that, if you should get bored with your room layout, it is very easy to completely transform the arrangement to suit your mood.

by Jaz

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