Lighting ideas in the kitchen


Contemporary kitchen lighting

Lighting is an essential element of the kitchen’s furnishing. It should be able to provide a good field of vision for all desktops and also create a feeling of comfort and cosiness. The key points to making the decisions for kitchen lighting are no different than those of the other rooms in the household. There should be sufficient light, so the activities carried out in the kitchen would not be impeded in any way.

Modern kitchen lighting design


Modern kitchen lighting design

Daylight should be utilized to its full potential, still, synthetic lighting is the basic lighting in this room. The possibilities for its use in the kitchen are many. The lighting can be equally spread in the entire room by having built in lights in a false ceiling. In that case, additional lighting via local pendant light fittings can also be used. Another option is having a single main light source and additional lighting from smaller sources, if the area is scarce. The main light source should be placed above the desktop, where the cooking appliances are.

Stylish kitchen lighting


Stylish kitchen lighting

The desired lighting can be achieved by either spot lights, or by built in lighting in the kitchen furniture. A spot light is usually placed over a desktop and has both a practical and aesthetic function. Lighting, built in the furniture elements, is very convenient. Lighting is turned on when opening a drawer, which gives perfect visibility to its contents. Contemporary kitchen furniture elements have this built in equipment, which is why they are increasingly sought. Appliances are also sold with added lighting.

Kitchen with built-in lamps


Fresh kitchen with built-in lamps

Every absorber has built-in lamps, which light up the desktop and the hobs. A good idea is to have accenting lighting for the places, to which the housewife would like to attract the attention to – decorative elements, or objects, placed on the shelves on walls. Lines with diodes can be placed on specific places, which would increase the range of sight and give an artistic spark to the atmosphere. The main thing about lighting in the room is the convenience and safety, which are established by appropriate lighting in the room, a pleasant and aesthetic outlook can be achieved with willingness and imagination.

Text by B. Angelov

Built in kitchen lighting


Built in kitchen lighting

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