Lighting in the home library


Home library lighting design

The library is a place, which requires a good choice of lighting, since working with books demands good vision. Before deciding on the type and placement of the pendant light fittings, the area of the place, as well as the colour scheme and the windows’ size and number, should be taken into consideration. Light tones are most suitable, since they make the room appear spacious.

Home library with wall lighting


Minimalist home library with wall lighting

The windows shouldn’t be too big and shouldn’t have hard curtains, which stop the light from entering the room. French windows are a good decision for this type of room. The synthetic lighting shouldn’t be too bright. There should be more than one lighting source, so that some zones wouldn’t be gloomy, as this could hinder the task carried out there. It’s a good idea to spread all the lighting equally on the ceiling. Wall lamps, which create a soothing atmosphere, are also appropriate.

Home Library with pendant light


Home Library with book shelves and pendant light

Pendant light fittings should be placed over every desktop – bracket lamps, desktop lamps, etc. If the room is large and separated into zones – for reading, relaxing and storing the book fund, every zone’s lighting should be thought out separately. The lighting should be strongest in the reading-room and near the book shelves, so that finding for books would be easier, and milder in the zone for relaxation. If the library shares the same room with the home office, the same regards should be made as in a room, divided in zones, with the reading crib and working desk being lit most intensely.

Home library interior


Personal home library interior

If the room is small and narrow and lacks natural daylight most the time, then it should be used as a library only, as in for a place to store book in and not a reading room. Reading should be carried out in a better lit and more spacious place. Reading books should be a pleasure, a way to relax and make us happy, and that’s why the conditions for it to be carried out are of great importance, since they are what establish a good reading atmosphere, good visibility is of greatest importance and should be no less than excellent.

Text by B. Angelov

Home library interior


Home library interior

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