Lighting in the hallways


Contemporary hallway lighting interior

Hallways are the places in the household, which have no windows. They are usually narrow and dark. For this reason, lighting them is perhaps the most essential moment of their arrangement. If the lighting is appropriately chosen, the place would appear larger. If the ceiling is low, the light should be directed upwards. This can be achieved by the lighting systems, or by building pendant light fittings in the floor. Another option is placing thin vertical lines on the walls, which would direct the eye upwards towards the light source.

Hallway LED Lighting interior


Hallway LED Lighting interior

This way the place appears taller, the light should go in different directions. This way there will be no dark corners and every item will be easily found. The entrance towards every door can be accented on with pointed light. Accenting lighting is necessary for the mirror, as well. A lamp with light pointing downwards can be placed over it, or two small lamps can be placed on both its sides. Wall lamps are very appropriate for the vestibule, as they not only offer good lighting, but also give an enigmatic and romantic atmosphere to the place. For it to be attractive, LED systems are a good and practical idea.

Hallway interior with LED Light


Hallway interior with LED Light

They can be built in the floor or ceiling, as they are extremely thin. Some of them can shift colour in various nuances and make the vestibule more attractive. A dose of artistic appeal can be brought in through flexible diode lines, situated on different places, with different colour and intensity of glow. This kind of lighting can also be part of the hallway decoration. Hidden lighting can be built in the false ceiling and lit the entire area equally. Moon lights are also an interesting idea, offering a unique way of lighting.

Stylish hallway lighting interior


Stylish hallway lighting interior

Contemporary vestibule furniture often has built in lighting, which is very convenient. Lamps, which light up upon opening the doors of the wardrobe or drawers, provide good visibility everywhere in their confines. No matter the ways, chosen for lighting – with a central lighting source, or with the help of additional accenting ways of lighting, we should remember that the hallway should have excellent lighting. Good visibility is one of the conveniences, meant for creating comfort and cosiness, which greet us at the very moment we enter the front door.

Text by B. Angelov

Hallway lighting


Stylish apartment hallway lighting

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