Lighting in the dining room


Circular pendant light by Vibia–Citrus

The dining room is the place in the household, where lighting shouldn’t be experimented with. The opportunities aren’t many and the main concern is to feel comfortable when having meals there. If the dining room is a separate room in the household, it should be well lit, since there are a lot of activities carried out in it during the daytime. Natural daylight should be used for as long as possible, which can be achieved by placing French windows, as well as setting the table near a window. Synthetic lighting can be realized in a few ways – by an equally spread lighting, built in a hung ceiling, or a single light source.

Elegant chandelier design


Elegant chandelier design

The chandelier should be hung on a movable thread, which would male it possible for the chandelier to be lowered down when dining, so the table would have the best possible lighting. Wall lamps are suitable, as they help create a good atmosphere in the room, as well as make for its better lighting. Built in lighting in some furniture elements is a good decision, as it makes the lighting in the room more even and draws the attention to the tableware, stored in some of the cupboard drawers. If the dining room and kitchen are a single room, separated only by a centre desktop, it is a good idea to place a spot light over the desktop and a chandelier over the dining table.

Circular pendant light


Modern circular pendant light by Vibia–Citrus

Bracket lamps will help supply sufficient light for the remainder of the place. If the dining room shares the area of the living room, it would be a good idea to have separate central light sources for the dining table and the main furniture elements. The other option is equally spread lighting from lamps, based on the ceiling. A lampion, placed on the far end of the table, can also be used, it would also make for better atmosphere in the surroundings.

Chandelier by Modani


Stylish modern chandelier by Modani

The lighting is chosen to correspond to the colour scheme in the room. Light tones create the notion that the room is brighter and are suitable for a smaller room. If the dining room shares space with the kitchen or living room, then the place would be large, and lighting would be chosen according to the general furnishing conception, it needs to help establish a pleasant atmosphere.

Text by B. Angelov

 Contemporary lighting dining room


Contemporary lighting dining room

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