Ideas for garden lighting


Modern outdoor garden lighting

The outdoor lighting in the yard, garden and veranda is a convenience, which can turn into a part of the exterior decoration, if it is chosen with an aesthetic purpose. Decorative lighting gives an additional tone to the beauty of the household, outlines its architectural virtues and, at the same time, gives security, making the whole area of the garden visible in the late hours.

Entrance lighting


Entrance lighting with lamps and lantern

The first thing everyone notices is the entrance. This can be the area around the gate, or just the space around the door, depending on what kind of house you live in. Garden lanterns are appropriate for lighting those garden sectors. They are found in different shapes and sizes. Most often a pair of lanterns is placed on both sides of the gate or door, accordingly.

Garden with solar lamps


Garden lighting with solar lamps

Solar lamps are a suitable option for lighting the pathways, which gives a specific notion of stylishness and aesthetics. They are convenient for the places, where it is difficult to run electrical wires. Their upside is that they are charged completely by the sunlight’s energy and can work for eight up to ten hours. That’s why they should be placed on spots, where there is direct sunlight exposure throughout the day.

Garden lighting with projectors


Beautiful garden lighting with projectors

Projectors offer the strongest light. They are appropriate for lighting the entire area of the garden. They also give the opportunity to focus the light onto a certain object. This is suitable, when you want to put an accent on a central decorative element, such as a fountain, or a sculpture. In that case, you may prefer projectors, which emit light from the ground upwards and may try choosing between different colours. An innovative introduction is lighting for the steps. Apart from being beautiful, it makes movement in the night time easier and safer. The lamps are placed under the steps themselves. In case you have garden furniture, you can place lamps onto the tables to put an accent on the exterior elements. You can also place lanterns around the separate pieces of furniture. A good decision is to make different settings for evenings and nights.

Modern garden lighting


Modern house garden lighting

In the evening, it is better to have a soft and soothing light for giving a sense of comfort and cosiness to the evenings spent outside. The bright light at night, encompassing the entire garden, gives security. Don’t forget to place lighting for the inscriptions of your name and address on the gate.

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