Home lighting


Natural lighting in the modern bedroom

An important architectural theme is the choice of lighting for the household. The options are plenty, so it should be carefully thought out which one would best fit our home.
Natural light is the first option. The goal is that it is present not only in all rooms, but in areas of the household, as well.

Living room with sun light


Comfortable living room with sun light

If you’re having a house build, it is best that you have the architect draw the plans of the room configuration in such a manner, that most rooms have direct exposure to sun light for the better part of the day. The connection of the house to the garden must be as strong as possible. You should not hesitate to let the garden into your home. That way, sunlight can get in, as well. French windows are a good way to do this.

Modern lighting design


Modern lighting design in the living room

In choosing synthetic lighting, the main principle is the size of the room under question. The bigger rooms should have more than one source of lighting. There are two most commonly used options – equally spread lighting on the whole ceiling, or a chandelier as a center piece and additional lighting via wall lamps or a tall lampion. It would be good if everything desktop in the rooms, such as tables, desks, a cooking-oven and mirrors have separate lighting via an additional light fitting, placed right next to the furniture, or built within them. Modern furniture is often sold with built in lighting, which is quite practical.

Contemporary illumination


Contemporary interior illumination

The main principles in choosing the illumination’s intensity are different for the different rooms. The rooms, which are frequently used throughout, require stronger lighting, since they are also used during the time when there needs to be synthetic lighting. The rooms, which are used more commonly at evenings and are slept in, should have pale light, which would not disturb the eyes and ensure better relaxation. If the room needs to be lit during the night time, this should happen through the center source, but rather from more unostentatious sources like night lights or desk lamps. Storage rooms should be well lit, since they have no windows in most cases and depend mainly on synthetic lighting. Combined lighting is most appropriate – from both a center source and local objects over the separate desktops.

Beautiful bathroom lighting


Beautiful bathroom lighting

In order for a sense of good lighting to be achieved in the household, the walls should be in light tones. Compact and light-colored furniture establishes the same notion. The prime concern should, of course, be that the house masters feel comfortable in their own home.

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