Modern lighting – Monochromatic zipped up lamps from Victor Boeda

innovative modern lighting solution

These floor lamps are the ideal modern lighting for every home. With their unique stylish, design they are appropriate for every contemporary interior space. They can easily brighten up the area, and also suit as decorative pieces. These floor lamps also known as Cache-Cache lamps are the best solution for a minimalist interior design. They are designed by Victor Boeda and the name of this lamp collection actually translates as “hidden”. As you can see it is very appropriate for them. The lamp actually stays hidden behind a monochromatic material, until you decide to unzip it. The other name for this lamps collection is “zippers”.

Beautiful modern lighting solution for the contemporary interior

amazing stylish modern lighting

 This modern lighting solution easily interacts with your interior space. You can place a lamp anywhere in the living room, dining room or bedroom. You won’t even be able to notice it, until you decide that you want to light up the interior. Create a lovely ambience and an intimate setting with this lovely lighting solution. The greatest part is that you can adjust how much light comes out of the lamp with the zip. You can unzip only a portion of the lamp and that’s how much light will come through. And, because of its great, functional and simple form, you can also adjust the spot you want the lamp to light on.

Create the perfect reading corner with the zippers floor lamp 

zipper lamp collection lighting

Every contemporary home needs a modern lighting solution by Victor Boeda and these lamps are probably the best choice for a more minimalist interior. You can customize your lighting depending on how bright you want it. Although it is considered as a floor lamp due to its long thin shape, it can easily become an office desk lamp or even a reading lamp.

Stylish, modern lamp design 

modern lighting zipper lamps

All you need to do is unzip it to the light come through

modern lighting design solution

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