25 Fascinating mason jar chandelier designs with a vintage flair

creative DIY maison jars chandelier design home decorating

Invented and patented by John Landis Mason back in 1858, the glass jar got was named after its inventor and has been used ever since to preserve food. Nowadays mason jars are still used for their main purpose and can be found in a variety of sizes as well in wide-mouth. Nowadays mason jars are becoming more and more popular for various DIY projects and one of the most common use, besides storage and canning, is making original lighting fixtures. Mason jar chandeliers have a simple vintage beauty and are often used as home decoration.

 Mason jar chandeliers are an attractive decoration in the interior

Kitchen lighting ideas rustic style mason jars chandeliers DIY

Mason jar chandeliers add originality to the interior design and that is the reason why they have become so popular over the last few years. People enjoy having them for the simple look and the rustic charm. The two main types of jar chandeliers use either an electric bulb or a candle is installed in the jar. Both types of chandeliers are suitable for interior or exterior decoration. Mason chandeliers are particularly attractive outdoors at summer time. They are a good and cost effective option as porch lights as well because you can mount mason jars on the already existing porch light fixture.

DIY Mason jar chandeliers are fantastic projects

vintage chandelier mason jars kitchen lighting ideas

Lovers of DIY projects can create unique designs of mason jar chandeliers as everyone has a different idea and can use a different technique to construct a chandelier of their own. You can use new or already used mason jars in various ways. Mason jars are easy to find and really affordable. You can use as many jars as you want – three, five, seven or more and organize them in groups or leave them as single pendants. DIY mason jar chandeliers kits may be found in craft stores. If you follow the electrical instructions there should be no problems. In case you are not that skilled, you could always go for the tea candles option and your mason jar chandelier will add a romantic touch to your home.

beautiful mason jar chandelier dining room decorative lighting

Mason jar pendants in a modern dining room

Contemporary dining room maison jar chandeliers pendant chandeliers

 An attractive decor element the chandelier adds a vintage flair to the design

modern kitchen dining room creative mason jar chandelier ideas

Rustic style kitchen with creative lighting

Rustic kitchen mason jars chandelier cluster

Open wooden beams and mason jars lighting fixtures create the rustic atmosphere

Rustic dining room hanging chandelier mason jars DIY

 Contemporary dining room lighting idea

Contemporary dining room design decorative lighting mason jar chandelier

Modern kitchen with a rustic flair – brick wall, wooden beams and an original mason jar chandelier

mason jar chandeliers ideas modern interior lighting modern home interior

Spectacular mason jar hanging chandelier in the hallway

spectacular mason jar chandelier design ideas hallway

Romantic mason jar pendants in the patio

Patio decorative lighting mason jars chandelier

Kitchen lighting pendant chandelier mason jars DIY

Dining room furniture jar chandelier design idea

Dining room wooden furniture set chandelier mason jars

Kitchen lighting pendant chandelier mason jars

Kitchen lighting chandelier mason jars DIY

DIY chandelier mason jars home lighting

rustic chandeliers mason jars DIY

Pretty hanging mason jar chandelier pastel colors light

pendant chandelier mason jars DIY designs

exterior lighting ideas mason jars garden party decoration

diy mason jar chandelier project blue glass jars white chains

diy manson jar chandalier projects home decorating ideas

DIY chandelier mason jars rings jars

Country style DIY mason jar chandelier home lighting ideas


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